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Ultimate Reality Is Immanence

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D Author, Erin Johannesen, M.A., M.D., Editor

1.  Ultimate Reality is Immanence

In Madhyamaka tattva is not shown as immanent or as constituting the very psyche of the objects and forms of the world. The relationship between phenomena and the absolute is not made clear from the samvit point of view and not made clear from the myamaka point of view.

2. The Prajnapamita subhut declares that the suchness of the tathgata and the suchness of all the dharmas are the same thing and that both are suchness. In yogacara, the absolute is immanent in the phenomena only in as much the former is the reality and the substratum of the other seeds of the awareness.

3. Yogaratnamala states that all things are thusness. Hevajra tantra states that even the inanimate world is pervaded by suchness. Whatever exists is experienced as the sublime awareness which is ones very nature. All things are identical with ones own innermost awareness. Everything that exists is of the same nature of non-dual knowingness which is the great potential, the space of potential. Vajra dhara states that all the world of objects and the embodied subjects are the differentiated aspect of the undifferentiated thusness. This differentiation is non essential or analogue rather than digital…within the view of awareness of direct perception, form and all other objects and embodied subjects of experience that manifesting and dissolving are all pure in nature, for the world is enlightened nature.

4. This innate sahaja (natural Samadhi) is the concealed essence of all phenomena…samvara. The path of awareness unconceals the concealed…within the infinite phenomenal megaverse all beings and all phenomena are in oneness, sameness. You are the he vajra…you are the he ru ka. The absolute is the intrinsic nature as knowingness as primordial openness and is the source of all the traditions. The ultimate reality is bliss that manifest and pervades reality of the here and now. There is no body without bliss and the unconcealment of bliss is liberation.

5. This experience that all beings animate and inanimate are essentially non-dual oneness in essence and this experience enables the yogi to overcome prejudice. The knowledge of the undifferentiated nature arises within the awareness holder…and everything and everyone is the manifestation of non-dual gnosis.

6. One overcomes the restrictions of caste and hierarchy when one is in union with the intrinsic nature of all beings.  One is free from social and religious injunctions and inhibitions. With this understanding one knows all beings are equal. Compassion arises from this experience of the essential equality of all beings arising out of the experience of oneness. Kripa is the experience of oneself as being of the same nature as all living beings.

7. There is no essential intermediary with oneness…

The targaratas are assimilated into experience as the universe.

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