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The Person as Place, the Place of Awareness as Space

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D., Author

Awareness is Space. It is useful to understand that you are the place of awareness. Consider yourself to be a place. You are the place of awareness and all human beings are places of awareness. The place of awareness is a place of space; the place of awareness manifesting within the vast space of awareness, openings of awareness within the vast field of awareness, opening within the openness.

Later today as you look around look around, view people as openings of space within the field of space. Places of openings, places of space, places within space.

You can experience this place within you and through you. As you experience yourself as place, you can through your place experience the place of others. Through the medium of space this experience can be direct. Place entering place. Even in everyday language there is this implication of entering into otherness as place. I am into him, I am into her, I am into them. They are into me, he is into me, she is into me, I am into it. Place enters place, inter-place happens directly.

The Place of awareness which is space can extend and be extended. Extending the space of awareness is an amazing skillful means. Place can be extended and place can be entered into. Your place can be expanded and can be opened and can be closed, contracted. And open place can become a contained space. Your place can go far beyond your body boundaries. As you can extend this place of your awareness, you can experience the indivisibility of your place within an others place. If you feel yourself as a place of space you can easily feel the indivisibility of your place within other places. And at the very same time you can feel the difference between the place you are and all the other places. You are a singular place within the indivisibility of space and place.

There is an open intimacy of one place entering another place. Sometimes one place can hold many other places. This happens within a big space of place person.

All experience unfolds within the place of your awareness, within the space of awareness. Experience takes place within the place of your awareness. Everything unfolds within this place that you are. The unfolding of karma and the very path of your realization unfold within and through the place that you are. Whatever takes place within this place that you are, takes place within the field of awareness itself. The experience becomes the place and the character of the place. You are configurated through experience. Through experience becoming memory within the place of awareness, the energy and light of experience becomes the field awareness, becomes space. This memory is not the memory of mind, the memory of narrative. This memory becomes source.

The openness of the space actually embodies and transforms the experience. The light of the experience, the energy of the experience is absorbed and metabolized. The character of the place transforms. Whatever is experience within the field of your place becomes your place and builds and organizes place. The energy of the light is absorbed by the place. The yogis call this process the alayaic field. They understand that all experience is divine and there is the indivisibleness between primordial awareness and experience. All appearance and experience that manifest within the space of this place of awareness is the energy and light infusing you as the place of space. If all this happens in mind alone then nothing much happens. But if phenomena and experience is experience within this place, this open place of space, then every event is liberation, every event is skillful means, every event becomes luminous.

Sometimes in every tradition speaks about merit. And merit as it is presented sounds like rewards for good deeds. I am not sure who gives out the rewards and the word merit sounds sometimes like a grade and seems rather external to the character of the event. Merit easily becomes and reward and punishment frame projected by superego either within or projected outward on some deity as judge. Actually merit is a poor metaphor for the exquisite process of the alayaic field. The field of awareness metabolizes action and experience as light and energy. This light and energy becomes the field of space within this place of awareness that you are. The character of the place that you are becomes the instrument of realization. Ultimately you realize your self through the givenness of experience. Since the place that you are is the realization of primordial awareness in time and space, the experiences that you experience within place become translucent and self recognition.

I will tell you a story that is not simply a memory of mind. There is empirical memory and iconic memory. Iconic memory is an ontological memory, memory containing the experience of Being manifesting as Being. The Iconic memory happens when an event is experienced within timeless awareness and within the event is the very manifestation of timeless awareness. The event is experienced within the field as the field. And so by entering the iconic memory the field of Being manifests in its radiance and completingness.

The Beginning of The Washington Siddha  Meditation Center

It was the summer of 1976 and we were at the Deville Hotel in SouthFallsburg,New York. It was the week after the Bhakti intensive which was so moving for so many people as Baba spoke about his love of Bhagavan Nityananda and his pain at the loss of his beloved Guru.

We had asked Baba’s secretary if we could speak to Baba about the opening of a Siddha Meditation Center in Washington DC. She told she would let us know if such a meeting was possible. After a few days the message came that a meeting was possible with Baba at 2 pm that afternoon.( We were told about the possible meeting at about 1:30 that day) The meeting was to be held in field in Deville Hotel. We remember running and running and trying to gather all the Washington people to be there on time. Some of the people who were there were: Jorge, Arturo, Alexandra, and Muktabi as well as Sharon and Rudy.

We ran across the field and there in the middle field was Swami Muktananda and Malti his translator. We ran  to Baba and knelt before him and asked Baba could we have a meditation center in Washington DC. He paused for long, long endless time. And then he said..Do you see that pony over there.?  And there not too far away was this beautiful little pony  standing quietly.  And then Baba said “The pony is very small and yet filled with great Love. Many people will benefit from the presence of the center. The center will be like that small and yet filled with love and that it would last for a long time”.The energy at that moment was so beneficent and with that we thanked Baba and returned  to Washington and so the center was created in love and through love.

Sharon and Rudy Bauer 

August 22, 2012

There are many practices that involve the invocation of text. If these texts are read in mind alone, then nothing much happens. But if they are read and heard within the place of awareness then the experience of the textual metaphors and corresponding field is received within the reader or hearer. The text themselves are iconic in nature.

Here are some instructions on Meditative Awareness by Dudjom Lingpa. Read them from within the field of awareness.

1. You and I are indivisible. All phenomena are subsumed by appearing as existence, appearing within cyclic existence and enlightenment.

2. Do not transcend or go beyond the manifestation of emptiness or spaciousness. Experience the indwelling nature just as it is.

3. Emptiness is like space. If you come to the decisive conclusion that your phenomena and others phenomena are entirely the play of single space, that is called pure space, the view.

4. Making that continuous nature a manifest presence is meditation, called the vast expanse of space. Conduct does not go beyond that, having no second thoughts. Know this.

5. Cutting through and direct crossing are the instructions for entering the inner core of clear light (knowingness).

6. Never separate meditation and mantra recitation.

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