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The Sensual Qualities Of Awareness

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D. Author, Liliana Argento, Editor

The felt senses of awareness, the felt senses are the primordial qualities of awareness.

1. There are many planes and dimensions of the singular awareness field. What is experienced as inner on one plane may be experienced as outer in another, or as neither inner nor outer.

2. What is experienced within the subtle non-physical field plane takes the form of psychical qualia…sensed and sensual qualities of awareness as such. Instead of experiencing space as a physical expanse before our eyes, space will be experienced as a special field or expansion of awareness as such.

3. On the physical plane there is warmth and a sense of closeness; this is experienced as the awareness as warmth and coolness…blazing fire or cool stillness. Physical phenomena such as light and warmth and color and sound are experienced on the subtle planes or dimension of awareness not as the qualities of sensory objects or sensory phenomena, rather as sensual qualities of awareness; we may say the feeling of awareness. This feeling is not an emotional as emotional of mind or affective states of mind, rather as sensual qualities of awareness…the rasa of awareness.

4. Light being experienced as luminous radiance of awareness, tones of awareness, aesthetic qualities of awareness…the rasa of awareness.

5. These rasas actually are aesthetic experiences and senses of mood.

6. There are primordial moods of awareness as fundamental moods of awareness itself. The manifestation of awareness as moods of awareness…subjectivity as mood, completely aside from emotional and affective responses and reactions. These moods may be anxiety, terror, awe, wonder, devotion, awe, beauty…these moods are attunement to being, the being of the world. These moods are qualitative intensities and tonalities of awareness.

7. Moods are not the result or effect of any particular life experience, relationship or life experience. This is the fundamental attunement to the being of our own being and the being of the world…it is preconceptual and pre-reflective, preverbal and precognitive.

8. These moods are not simply determined by physiology and neurology, the psychology of reactive affects, the cognitive affective loops are not the source of these foundational moods of awareness.

9. We as human beings do not simply have a mood but are a mood…we are shaped by the qualitative tonalities of awareness. These moods are more primordial than the beings themselves. Awareness in its manifestation from dharmakaya as it manifests potentiality in its very possibilities; the manifestation of awareness has primordial qualities.

10. Primordial awareness as source of dharmakaya is potential, infinite potential, and in its manifestation as you and as me, the very infinity of potential is felt as background, as death or deathless state, bring forth fundamental anxiety, terror, awe, devotion…awareness itself as itself of itself incarnated in from its ongoing influencing in our struggle for ownership…the terror of existence as awareness is the terror of potentiality.

11. Potential in its manifestation of actuality has many possibilities, infinite possibility which bring forth the unpredictableness, unformulated, and multidimensional of different planes and worlds…psyche which is awareness itself and our growing awareness of awareness, incipient sense of awareness, inklings of oneness, and inklings of non duality…influence the terror of conscious mind.

13. The sense of awareness, the sensuous of awareness, is the very tones of awareness in its arising…and manifestations. There are these primary tones or tonalities of awareness or the qualities of awareness since everything is consciousness…this is not an emotional but primordial mood, like bliss, feelings of knowingness, love of oneness, terror of non being and being…which is the actuality of potentiality being senses…potentiality is not and yet is actually…all of infinite universes is in potential within potentiality, the space of potentiality, the light of potentiality.

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