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The Realm of Omnipotence and The Power of Awareness: Lacanian Phenomenological View

We are focusing our Lacanian and phenomenological understanding of the superego’s domination of the perceptual field and the destruction by judgmentalness of relatedness with our self and those we love. Judgmentalness destroys whoness, destroys the person.

When you are consistently located within the superego function, the very sense of critical judgmentalness and relentless criticism minimizes our sense of innate primordial awareness. The unbound judgmentalness and critical relentlessness replaces the sense of innermost self as the base and source of our person. Superego judgmentalness destroys the sense of whoness in our self and the sense of whoness in those we love. Only the thing remains. As Lacan describes the comedy shows up. The world as thingness. The primitive affective states of deprivation anxiety and annihilation anxiety dominate our thought and action. Because deprivation anxiety is so unbearable we impose and transmit this deprivation on the one we love, on to the other. There is not enoughness. Annihilation anxiety is so unbearable we impose and transmit this annihilation on the ones we love and so death anxiety pervades and we live in dread. We are always waiting for death.

The One who Knows

The more completely you become the superego function, and are encapsulated within this primitive childhood structure , the more you experience unbound omnipotence as the one who knows, and knows and always knows. The one who knows! Knows what? Knows exactly what is right and exactly what is wrong, what is good and what is evil, what is the truth and what is false. The Pharisee mind. As Merleau Ponty describes judgmentalness forecloses the gnosis of perception, forecloses the awareness of situation, forecloses the discernment of character and discrimination of right action.

The very psyche of person , the anima dimension is sent away, exiled, and you are left in mind alone. When psyche disappears there is only mind alone. Solipsism replaces the great compassion and the ongoing continuity of relatedness or bondedness is ruptured yet again.The experiential instruction to get beyond our mind and to differentiate our mind from the sphere of awareness, allows you and I to make the shift to live within the field of awareness. To shift from being located within mind alone to being located in the awareness of awareness allows us to enter the transitional space and to experience the nature of awareness within our self and within the other, allows us to live within the field of being, the field of being within our self and within the other. Non duality arises naturally, continuity of relatedness naturally arises and is sustained. For so many the life of relatedness is ongoing relentless rupturedness and fracturedness. This is the hell realm.

Judgmentalness is ultimately self directedness. Self hatred is unworthiness and within the domination of the superego there is the vast lack of not knowing ones own desire. When faced with the openness of the situation and freedom of the situation, we will not know what to do with our own lack of authorship and with our own lack of inspiration. Without authorship and self inspiration a vast oppositionalness arises out of this lack of self inspiration and self authorship. Ambivalence becomes the way of life , waiting is the way of life. Nothing actually happens.

When we are located within the superego function , we are in desperate need of the castle of the law and the Citadel of omnipotence .We slowly but surely become more and more compulsive, more and more fixated, more and more driven by an unknown master, never ending drivenness but for what or for whom is really not so clear, even for the one who knows.

The realm of omnipotence is so very concrete operational, so very dense, and there is so very little space, there is no play, no place of space. This concrete operational world of density of experience results in sensory overload, and the fusion or intrusion of the presymbolic concrete realm. There is a background sense of terror with this unending containment, no space. The concreteness of the situation is endlessly closed, there is no space of awareness.The space of awareness is replaced by the Judge of judgment.

In this realm of concreteness complete concreteness omnipotence reigns. There is the sense that the source of life and goodness lies outside of the self. Envy arises out of our sense of the entitlement of others and their unearned giftedness. We envy the freedom of others, and we envy their lack of burden. We envy what others are given. We envy children. Envy hates what it does not have, the hatred of the other is experienced as the hatred of the self. The hatred of the situation is experienced as hatred of the self. Just as the love of the other and the love of the situation is experienced as love of the self.

The Little Used Power of the Awareness Field!

The power of the awareness field has great and wonderful influence on the concrete mind and the concreteness of relentless judgmentalness. Primordial awareness can infuse the concrete mind. The great primordial field of the fire of awareness infuses, suffuses and dissolves, metabolizes concreteness mind and its judgments. Awareness cuts through the concreteness of mind . The energy and the light of awareness allows or brings forth the subtleness of mind and the translucidity of perception. The perception of awareness becomes more open, more apparent and more transparent. Awareness and its field infuses the mind, penetrates the mind, deconstructs the density and redundancy of thought, interrupts the repetition of thought and eventually allows thought free experience. Space brings forth more space. There arises the non technical view of self and life. Emptiness of mind as space, the poetic state of spaciousness self arises.

The first and most simple method is to hold the experience of the mind and most specifically the judgmentalness of mind within the awareness state and this action brings forth the power of metabolization of thoughts, sensations and affective states. Holding the mind and the judgments of the mind within the sea of awareness dissolves the relentless criticism of childhood structure of superego. One begins to get beyond the relentless judgmentalness of right and wrong.good and evil, better and best. Empty mind appears.

Just like writing on the sea with your finger tips, the water dissolves the notation.Writing in a bowl of water with your finger tips the notation dissolves. If you have the stability of awareness and the fire like strength of awareness this dissolving takes place naturally and directly and with immediacy. The primary reason this healing event does not take place is that our judgmentalness is syntonic and not dystonic. So we must come to the conclusion that your compulsive mind, this castle of the lord superego, this king of crticalness robs us of our life of the freedom of awareness. Alas nothing will happen. The concreteness of mind forecloses the  felt field of awareness. The judgmentalness of mind forecloses the field of awareness and we are left in a presymbolic concrete state of envy aggression and omnipotent self righteousness. This ruptures of relatedness will happen repeatedly in our life with those whom we love.

We must release this demonic source of security and in doing we will bring forth what is within us..aham ah.I am becoming who I am.

The cranial vault method is a simple cutting through method with great power and results. You focus from the back of the head and focus the energy, the light to the forehead. Then you focus to the eyes. Then to the palette of the mouth. And then if you wish the throat, heart, navel.If you wish you can also focus on the throat, the heart, the navel and the perineum.

You can use the method to open the sense of space.You can focus the energy from the back of the head as if you were cutting through a paper bag. Dissolving the boundaries and opening the windows and doors into spaciousness. You are using the power of awareness, the space of awareness, the energy of awareness, the fire of awareness to cut through phenomena. Awareness cuts through awareness, cuts through the configurations of awareness. Cutting through opens phenomena so that the radiance and space of awareness shines through.

.We can use the power of the source, the innermost heart essence. The self arising of the energy and light of the heart essence through the mind wherein there is the metabolization of the mental structures and ideation. We focus the heart of awareness, the luminous energy of awareness on the configurations of our mind. We infuse our mind. We focus on the functions of the mind and it corresponding affective states including terror. Sometimes the use of the cutting through sound of phat will be a most powerful. The mantric repetition must be in the vibrational field. Short fierce cuts of awareness cutting through the configurations of awareness.

The primal and magical sound of Ah opens containment and opens the constrictures of contracted mind and bodily states. Ah not only arise from the mouth, but from every part of the body. You will only discover this experience by practicing the somatic Ah.

Ultimately our own integrity with primordial awareness is the doorway to self liberation. The luminous energy of the heart infuses the mind, infuses the concreteness of mind. The history of mind which is the mind itself. The mind arises out of relational history and can foreclose the transparency of awareness. The judgmentalness of the other is directly reflected within our own sense of self . Many times we attempt the unburdening of self criticism  by attacking the other. There is tremendous pleasure in transmitting our own affective burdens into the other. This transmission is the most common way we unburden our affective states of pain.

The greatest method of dissolving the domination of the superego is the transmission of the absolute compassion. This transmission or this extension of our own awareness field of light and energy overcomes and suffuses judgmentalness in the most direct manner. Extension cuts through and dissolves obscurations and the obstructions of primitive mind. Extension is the transcendence of a vast generative openness that takes us beyond good and evil, love and hate, truth and falsity, right and wrong,even liking and disliking. Extension infuses the other with light and energy and infuses our own mind and body with light and energy. This is the great secret of extension. The great lama Yangthang Rinpoche spoke to this in his transmission of the absolute bodichitta. Extension focused on person or the cosmos in the present,. in the past and in the future. This takes the power of timeless awareness beyond space and time and yet within space and within time.The power of timeless awareness is infused into time bound body and time bound mind.

Since many a person do not practice this natural use of their own awareness nothing much may happen for them which can happen. Most persons rely on their mind alone or begging for help from the sky.

The method of invocation of the archetypical dimension or Sambogakaya dimension reconfigurates the mind from within the field of innate primordial awareness. The manifestation of the archetypical actions penetrates the nirmanakaya experience from with and through the Sambogakya drama of the archetypical energies and shakti’s. The cosmological deconstructs and transmutes the psychological.

The invocation of compassion as the Dakini as the mother as the anima brings forth the essence of the nature of awareness with vast amounts of energy presence. This presence of the feminine is not outside you whatsoever, but is the very nature of your awareness. This apparitional manifestation is not a projection of your mind, an idea or affect. The archetypical may be seen as apparitional and outside of us, external to us. The archetypical presence manifests through us and around us. The archetypical presence is our own primordial presence.

This knowing of this presence is a great gift and healing is directly connected with this manifestation. Naturally as this mysterious process unfolds we become the archetypical energy which becomes what we have always been. Many people who have the gift of seeing archetypical apparitions do not integrate these visions of primal power into their life and mind as person.

Sometimes the apparitional can be psychologized and contained as a psychology of mind alone. This position keeps the symbolic function contained like in picture book and lacks the power of actuality. This can actually manifest as the realm of the fairies. In completing the process of apparitional life you become the mother, your own awareness is the dakini. So you can see through the eyes and feel through the hands and the body of the dakini. Without becoming the apparitional there will be distance from the great compassion.

.As the great Siddha Tilopa said look into the mirror of your mind , into mysterious realm of the Dakini

Written by Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D. A.B.P.P.

The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies

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