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Doorway of Place

By Erin Johannesen, M.A., M.D.

Erin Johannesen, M.A, M.D., Author

In the existentialist position of fear and dread [or Angst], there is no delight, but there is longing, a persistence of a 'hoped-for,' and so unchecked, doubt.  Waiting, an in-vain waiting, cuts the roots of timelessness and loosens the tie of Being – loosens the Being that manifests being – from the place of Being.  And in this loosening, we may fall into an existential stopping of now and enter the illimitably limited, floating otherness of self.  

"You are going the wrong way." 

We know this, but sometimes we cannot seem to help but fall.

…Come!  And take me to this frozen place, so that together we may more easily leave it.  And in letting go, in the sweet release from this pent container, we may feel the immediacy of finding, experiencing, and knowing beyond knowing the constancy of place...the beingness of this place that is me, truly me.  Not my life, not my mind, not my situation, but rather the 'character of place' that is the givenness of ourself.  We, you and I together, can be our very own iconic doorway.


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