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The Magical Realism of the Experience of Assimilating Everything into Spontaneity

Rudolph Bauer,Ph.D. Author,Cathy Kreyche, M.A., Editor

1. As we suspend the mind, and the mapping of the mind, as we becoming aware of awareness and begin to live within rigpa, we experience the nature of field in a naked manner. Syunyata...absence…openness….the luminosity and the stunning and at times saturating indeterminateness of experience and events become clearly manifest...nakedly so. As we no longer locate ourself within the mind and its various and infinite security operations, we begin to experience within the indeterminateness the incessant spontaneity of awareness manifesting within us and around us. In our oneness within the nondual awareness field, our oneness with spontaneity becomes sadnana…the path of embodiment of consciousness.

And so our experience, all of our experience, is assimilated into the spontaneous field of spacious openness…dasein, the great expanse, surrendering to spontaneity unfolding relentless spontaneity…letting go into the wave, releasing our self into the absa….the opening and closing...the shining forth, bringing ourselves forth by letting go. Letting go is not passive, it is not giving up, it is not collapsing. Letting go is leaping through and cutting through phenomena.

The mind cannot do this. The being awareness field can and does…remaining in awareness can and does. Without being in awareness, disintegration is inevitable.

2. All of our experience is grounded in the field of pure awareness. Pure awareness is like space, luminous space. All experience, inner and outer, is spontaneously assimilated into the dimension of awareness. The field extends into and integrates everything and everyone and every action. The field metabolizes the unfolding of being within the events. If we understand what is being described in terms of mind and mind alone, a passive scenario may emerge for us as it emerges for much of eastern philosophy. If we experience awareness as the vajra kilya, vajra kumar, unborn and undying manifesting as energy manifesting as flesh, then bliss is released in action.

3. Our elemental space of awareness contains, holds, assimilates all matter and energy, so gnosis awareness includes all experience, with whatever arises. Awareness remains within itself, and everything is experienced within the awareness continuum. This continuum of kayas, mind alone, is in a tough and terrifying spot. The mind–body continuum is itself experience in and through the awareness continuum as the manifestation of awareness…which is luminous. We are in the awareness field and experiencing whatever manifests as the very same awareness. The awareness field is a felt sense and multiple senses. Of the kayas…we are the kayas.

4. In reality, every act and event reveals the freedom of letting go into the continuum of awareness through the event and the experience of phenomena…inner phenomena and outer phenomena. Letting go, releasing, allows the beingness of being to shine through whatever actions, whatever praxis are required by and in the relentless, spontaneous, and indeterminate situations…unpredictable and indeterminate in nature.

5. To assimilate all experience into spontaneity, we integrate, we bring into our awareness field vase….mandala…container...unfolding of experience and events within awareness, the space of awareness, the light of awareness, the immanence of awareness …the pervasive immanence of the plane of immanence. In nonduality we experience the dualities….Inside to inside the events unfold.

6. The effortless assimilation into spontaneity is the coemergence of experience and events as the manifestation of phenomena, the innermost awareness attuned to the manifestation of the beingness of being in all the events of beings…requiring spontaneously to be met…situations emerging, coemerging, bringing forth the beingness of our being as our own being in that moment…whether in love or in conflict, whether in victorious moment or in defeat, whether in happiness of a realm of heaven, or whether in the burdenedness of a hell realm.

7. Every event is bound to spontaneity and so every moment can be assimilated into spontaneity. The uncertainty is the unconcealing of spontaneity….Every event is bound to spontaneity, bound to indeterminancy…[every event calls for] releasing ourselves from imagined causality or fictitious explanations….staying with unfolding of spontaneity.

8. All and everything is caught in the bind of spontaneity. All inner and outer worlds are spontaneously manifested. The whole of samsara and nirvana is spontaneous manifestation. Pure primordial awareness is primordial spontaneity…the absa.

9. There is nothing other than spontaneous beingness...the play of consciousness, the incessant manifestation of consciousness both as us and as events.

10. The ground of samsara and nirvana is the pure awareness field...the immanence of the field, the pervasiveness of the field, the oneness of the field, the multidimensionality of the field. The face of spontaneity is indeterminacy…the unborn spontaneity is beyond time and yet manifesting time, manifesting temporalness, manifesting in time as time as kala. Time is the manifestation of pure spontaneity…of dharmakaya manifesting through sambogkaya. through nirmanakaya.

11. Pure awareness is unoriginated. The very nature of the unborn and undying is spontaneity. This unborn spontaneity is outside of time, beyond time while producing time.

12. As human beings we can become uniquely aware of the vast pure awareness within us and manifesting as us and as our world….There is oneness in the manifestation. The face of the unborn is in determinate….this indeterminacy permeates psyche’s manifestations. Sambogakaya is indeterminate and nirmankaya is indeterminate. To experience the indeterminacy of phenomena is to experience the beingness of being shining through and becoming. Manifestation itself has no beginning and no end. This beginninglessness and endlessness is INEFFABLE ambiguity...and is NOWNESS IN THIS LIFE, NOWNESS AT DEATH, AND NOWNESS FOREVER AND FOREVER….

14. Timeless emanation is uncrystallizing, meaning never completely concrete, never completely fixed…the indeterminateness of our timeless condition. Time takes place within timelessness. To remain in timeless awareness opens the fixatedness of situations and opens spontaneous presence…the source of synchronicity. Timeless awareness accesses healing...which is indeterminacy brought into fixed states of experiencing and events….Healing is magical realism.

15. There is the matrix of sameness, which is the quality of the pure awareness field. Everything resides in this matrix of sameness of oneness…continuity within discontinuity.

16. Duality resides in nonduality. Nonduality pervades duality. The field of immanence is nondual. There is only oneness and within oneness is twoness, and millions....Within oneness is duality. Duality is assimilated into spontaneity of awareness, nondual awareness. Nonduality gives us an inside to inside view…in and through the hiddeness of nonduality….Some think nonduality is hidden, but actually as we experience nonduality, which is inside to inside, we stunningly realize how hiddenness pervades duality. Duality in situations, in friendship, institutions, culture…duality actually effects paranoia. Duality within nonduality becomes lucidity of experience and of character.

17. Equivocal manifestation of awareness or ambiguous manifestation of awareness is the nature of awareness. Is it or is not it.

The Givenness of Compassionate Magic.

Compassion is not a secondary effect or affect. Compassion is the source of emanation, the source of extension. Compassion brings forth beings, compassion is the beingness of being emanating and manifesting….Extension is compassionate spontaneity. Passing through is a beneficent skillful means that gives us realization in and through spontaneity and its presentations…we pass into and through presentations....This is esoteric knowledge…the treasure of esoteric magic….This is togel and treacho combined.



18. To release our self into the openness of the beingness of being is to experience completeness...wherever and how ever it happens. This letting go is a releasement into the spontaneity of manifestation…of phenomena. The play of consciousness is spontaneous and within phenomena.

19. Letting go is releasement and releasing…a leaping through…releasing into the openness of the great expanse, the openness of awareness. Releasing is letting go and letting go is releasing. It takes place within phenomena.

20. Releasing into the clearing of awareness, the light, the openness...expanded openness…extended openness lets being be and being manifest itself and accepts the arriving and departing of all beings within this field of earth and sky.

21. Releasing and letting go accepts the appearance and departing of divinities.

22. Releasing and letting go and leaping through and cutting through undoes the binding power of thoughts, fantasies, affective states, and compulsive, desperate desire. It frees up the flowingness of beingness in us and around us...frees up appearance and disappearance…frees up the capacity to dissolve negative and destructive energy. This capacity takes place only in nonduality knowing duality.

23. Releasing loosens the hold of narcissistic demandingness, insistence, and even mastery.

24. Releasing or letting go, letting go into tempers the superego, the must and the should.

25. Releasing or letting go dissipates anger and endless rage and enables the experiencing of what is.

26. Releasing and letting go, passing through, unclutters space and time and enables us to dwell.

27. Releasing into and passing through, letting go, allows us to experience the coemergence of the field in all situations and with everyone.

28. Releasing and letting go, passing through and leaping through and cutting through, allows us to experience phainesthai…the shining forth of beings that is being itself. Divinity itself, temporality itself, is the manifestation of divinity...not as ideation or belief…but as experience.

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