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The Immanence of Pure Awareness

Written by: Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D. Edited by: Erin Johannesen, M.A., M.D.

1.  THE IMMANENCE OF PURE AWARENESS IS THE VIRTUAL DIMENSION OF REALITY. Immanence is the pure potential within which everything arises and dissolves. Both pure immanence and the manifestation of immanence are within the sea of immanence. Everything is within the sphere of immanence.  Life itself is immanence. The entire universe is within immanence.  Inherent, innate immanence is pervasive…nothing is beyond immanence…there is no consciousness that is transcendent to immanence.  Even beyond immanence is still within immanence.  In its most profound sense, immanence is non-referential:  There is no otherness within immanence. Immanence is oneness of oneness...this immanence is within you and me, and you and I are within immanence.  Life and death are within immanence. Death is the entering into the deathless state of pure immanence, and life is, in essence, already within the deathless state…undivided and unmanifested. 

Immanence is pure potential of sunyata [sunyata is a Sanskrit word that literally means “zero-nothing,” but is more deeply translated as emptiness or voidness, spaceousness, openness.  Pure openness, unbound openness, is immanence…there is nothing other than openness, and all manifestation is both a function of openness and within openness.  Density itself is pure openness in manifestation…all manifestation is within both time and timelessness, and so all manifestation, in its essence, is immanence. The field of immanence is pervasive, and there is no immanence to anything other than to immanence itself.   And so, we can speak of a plane of immanence that is infinite immanence. There is nothing or no one outside of this immanence. Within its virtuality, [its essence], everything is…and is not…is not is the un-manifest, and the manifest is

2.  Human consciousness is immanence itself in a mind and body that are themselves the very manifestations of immanence. Life is the immanence of immanence…absolute immanence. It is complete power and complete bliss. Consciousness, in and of itself, is immanence….within you and me and beyond you and me as pervasive immanence. Transcendentalness [transcendence] is an illusion…an attempted effort to dissociate, to separate, from complete and absolute immanence. We live in a sea of immanence…the dharmakaya is immanence, the samboghakaya is immanence, and nirmanakaya is immanence. There are dimensions within immanence, and we can think that we are no longer within immanence and that we are in some transcendental state, yet that state is, nonetheless, a manifestation of immanence within immanence.

3.  Immanence, in its very nature, is translucent, and luminosity, with its openness and clarity, is the clear light of immanence, the luminosity of immanence. All time takes place within immanence, within timeless immanence, and so there are sequences within immanence that are completely immanence manifesting itself.  Nothing is beyond immanence.  Divinity is immanence, for realization of immanence is the realization of translucidity, and divinity is the translucidity of immanence.

Transparency and translucidity are natural phenomena of immanence. There is translucidty of time and timelessness, translucidity of different lives manifested within immanence, and translucidity of our own generational field, which is immanence in its manifestation of the ’I-ness’ that you are…and of the unfolding situation.  Karma is the manifestation of immanence in its self-revelation….action reveals immanence…immanence becomes lost in its manifestation within the manifested.  Yet slowly, but surely, that which is manifested experiences itself within immanence as immanence itself.  And so, all immanence is absolute…all immanence is within and of itself.  And yet, immanence is inherent within duality, and all duality is within immanence.

4.  Every realm of every world is within the sea of immanence and is a manifestation of the one immanence.  Everything is in divinity, and divinity is in everything.  Immanence is revealed in expressivity, and all expression is immanent….such expression is co-emergent and co-relative.  The world participates in divine infinity, for there is infinity in the finite, and finite in infinity...UNCONCEALMENT IN CONCEALMENT AND CONCEALMENT IN UNCONCEALMENT.

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