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Skillfull Means Handbook

Rudolph Bauer,Ph.D Author; Edited by Patricia Long

Skillful Means Handbook

Esoteric Skills That Bring Forth The Awareness Field In A  Relational   Context

These skillful means have been taught for the purpose of becoming aware of awareness and for the purpose of bringing forth awareness in oneself and others.  These methods are for bringing forth the field—for bringing forth the body of light, which is also called the body of gnosis.  Ultimately, the power of a skillful means lies neither in the gesture nor in the specific movement.  The power of a skillful means is in the field itself as an activated instrument.  All of these skillful means are effortless and are a function of the field.  The usefulness of these skillful means is based on the participants being in the field of awareness.  These skillful means are methods to be used in a relational context and in a co-emergent context. 

1.  Cranial vault is very powerful and very direct.  It can completely still the mind and invoke the thought-free state.  Given the participant’s capacity, the cranial vault method may even invoke the dharmakaya state.  One can have a thought-free state that is a psychological state, or the experience can become the thought-free state of the dharmakaya, as primordial consciousness.  The first three points are of the head and then there are four points of the body.  This extension suspends thought, and the thought-free state is experienced. Extend the energy from the back of the head to the forehead, then the eyes then the pallet of the mouth. Then next  extend  the energy from the back of the head to the throat, then to the heart and then to the navel. 

2.  There is a wonderful door point located under the heart.  This can be called the innermost heart essence, the psyche heart, the home of the source.  The opening of the door to the inner heart essence actually takes place on the inside.  By connecting on the inside, one can experience the innermost opening, from within to without.  The space of the heart is the space of the primordial self and becomes experientially accessible.  This opening takes place out of subtle resonance and the subtle transmission of the light energy of the inner heart.  You can release heart energy through touch.  Heart to heart opening is a function of radiant resonance. 

3.  A number of these skillful means are for opening up and bringing forth the luminosity.  The opening of the ears through heart energy is practiced by the Nath yogis.  The luminous heart energy begins to pervade the interior space and space opens and opens, so that luminosity begins to shine within.  The heart energy is the skillful means that directly brings forth the inner luminosity.  This method is also one of resonance and transmission.  

4.  Still another method for opening the heart energy and bringing forth the heart energy is through the underarms inhalation.  This is a method for amplifying the opening of the heart essence within the cave of the heart.  The underarms inhalation is practiced by placing the hands under the arms and then initiating both sending (transmission of energy) and resonance, thereby pulling forth the inner dimension. This is a method of Khasmir Shavism. 

5.  In these next methods, we are shifting from the opening of the innermost heart essence to the support and opening of the lower centers of energy and light.  The door of the navel must be open so that the root energies can be brought up and come forth through the navel and into the heart essence.  This movement is the ultimate vehicle for sublimation.  The door of the navel is opened, allowing the supportive energy of the column of light to move easily and strongly into the heart essence.  The light energy ascends as the column and simultaneously, the very same column is grounded within the root center.  The column is the luminous channel of light which allows sublimation to take place, along with a containment of the lower energies.  This gesture enables these lower energies to expand and move up the central channel, expanding and filling the body and mind as the field of knowingness, and expanding the field itself. 

6.  Once the connection is made between the root and the heart essence and the luminosity of the eyes, then the skillful means for gazing is introduced.  This skillful means utilizes the angle of the body in the lion posture, with the mouth open slightly,activating the subtle body of light and strengthening the luminous body of light.  This method of gazing brings the resonance through the upper heart essence and ultimately though the face and the eyes.  The gaze ultimately allows the person to experience and see the divinity of appearance, the luminosity of the world.  The column of self-arising light is focused through the gatri channels from the heart into the eyes.  The eyes can be closed as well as opened.  Thus, the light sees the light.  The light of phenomena becomes apparent.  The human eyes see the divine appearances directly.  The gnostic body is in oneness—the oneness of the field—through co-emergent radiance and resonance. 

7.  The skillful means of the wrist center intensifies the light and brings forth the subtle extension within the head.  This is practiced through using the wrist center to touch the forehead, the temples and the area under the ears, as a method for bringing forth the luminosity in a pervasive manner.  This method is a function of radiance and resonance.  

8.  Possibly the most powerful of these skills is the bringing of the head and face into the heart area, while suggesting that the person pass through to the other side.  This opens the possibility of experiencing the co-emergence of the channel of light.  This method both amplifies the channel of light and facilitates the experience of the luminosity of the heart being perceived as space and light.  Sometimes the manifestation of the light is as white light and at times as the dark light.  In a way, the physical gesture is a metaphor for the person entering the dimension of inner heart awareness.  The Dakini also manifest in this inner experience.  This method brings one into the dimension of the inner heart essence, the Hridayam.  

9.  A similar method involves bringing the top of the head –more specifically the Brahmarandhra point of the head—into the heart area.  This gesture infuses the body and the gnostic body with the luminosity of the heart.  The field is infused though the field. 

10.  A basic skill is to invoke and bring forth the field of light through the expansion and re-absorption of breath and pranic energy.  The sequence involves bringing forth light; placing extension into the other; pausing; and then re-absorbing the extension.  This is a form of extension of radiance and resonance.  The re-absorption brings forth the luminosity in the other, to whom or with whom one has placed the extension of one’s own awareness.  This is a sublime method of bringing forth the luminous energy field.  It is an example of the co-emergent nature of bringing forth the awareness field. 

11.  The most simple of all the methods is bringing forth energy and light with the hands, as well as bringing forth energy and light with the body.  This is the innermost pull—bringing forth the field as radiance and resonance.

12.  Possibly the most difficult of the skillful means is the breathless breath, which is the suspension of the breath and the use of this amazing pause to open the body of space and light, leading into dharmakaya awareness.  Suspension of breath is entering dharmakaya.  The transference or transmission helps bring forth dharmakaya in the other.  This invokes space, light and stillness.  This skillful means also removes pain.  In this pause of the breath, one can extend this place to various points on the body, including the forehead, the point on the back that reflects the heart, and the nose.  No breath should be felt in this invocation.  This skillful means is difficult, as one must be established in the suspension of the breath, meaning that one feels neither inhale nor exhale.  Also, the manifestation of the level of the awareness field depends on the participant’s degree of absorption in the body of light, in the field. 

13.  There is a skillful means which involves the use of non-mental intentionality in order to bring forth the experience of sambogakaya and the dimensions of the sambogakaya.  This skillful means depends on being deeply established in the field.  At this level of establishment, one can bring forth different kayas through intense awareness and the pulling forth of awareness as sambogakaya.  Again, the method is through radiation and re-absorption. 

14.  Now, going back to the more mundane and enhancing support, there are three lines of energy that flow upward from the navel:  one in the middle, one on the left and one on the right.  These lines of energy flow upward, through the heart essence and beyond, into the two channels that become the gatri channels and one Brahmarandhra channel.  

15.  Perhaps the most magical of the skillful means is the opening of the heart energy into a person’s hand.  The liquid-like heart essence substance fills the hand.  Then, the person places their hand on their heart center at the inner heart door point.  This transference of the liquid heart essence allows the person to experience the liquid-like light of the heart and can greatly increase the person’s capacity to live in the field of the inner heart essence.  This skillful means is a form of transmission and enhanced resonance. 

16.  Perhaps the most deeply felt and completing skillful means is placing a person’s head on one’s lap, inducing the dharmakaya experience.  The dharmakaya experience is the basis of profound rest and lack of effort.  Of course, the practitioner must be in this state of dharmakaya for this dramatic experience to take place. 

17.  A most basic and fundamental skillful means involves various forms of extension of the spaciousness of awareness with corresponding self-objects, such as body, immediacy of situation, generational field, teachers, traditions, archetypal situations and oneness itself. These forms of extension can lead to expansion of the field and to an anchoring experience of the field in a multi-dimensional manner.  This is a form of Guru Yoga.  It opens the multidimensional support of the field of awareness.

 18.  The most direct and the most significant of the skillful means is the capacity to pass through the other.  This capacity to extend your field through another is the capacity to interconnect the inner columns of luminosity.  This intensity can be situated and becomes the range of the person.  This method extends the range and intensity of the luminous column of light.  This is a great gift to possess and a greater gift to be able to give.  Without cumulative and ongoing meditation practice, this skillful means will not be available.  A wall simply meets a wall. 

19.  There are various skillful means methods for grounding the energy from the lower body through the feet into the ground.  The Qigong posture of riding the horse both builds energy and light and grounds the person.  Variations include placing one’s foot on the foot of the other or on the knee of the other.  The vajra posture, wherein the two feet are touching, also creates a circuit of grounded energy.  These skillful means are useful when a person is placing too much emphasis in the head and the thinking function.

20.  These methods are relational methods for bringing forth stability and for bringing forth the luminosity of the awareness field, opening to an experience of the embodiment of consciousness.  

21.  Another skillful means is the invocation of triangles for the purpose of supporting the energy body.  The esoteric configuration of triangles is most useful. 

22.  The use of the archetypal manifestation of the imagery of the deities, the devas and the Dakinis, especially the clothing metaphor, is a most powerful and direct transmission.  One utilizes these manifestations to protect and enhance the gnostic body or the body of light.  The entire mandala of the deity, including the physical presentations, are metaphors of energy and light configurations of meaning.  This esoteric understanding is a function of direct perception, of knowingness knowing knowingness, and not simply a text of associative learning and generalization. 

23.  The essence of these skillful means is the inner heart essence.  Once the field is activated, one can place one’s hands on either side of the heart and one can open the center both vertically and horizontally.  This is a very important skill—to bring forth the heart essence field.  This is a pulling forth method.  

24.  Another skillful means that integrates movement and spaciousness, movement and luminosity, is the Tandava.  These movements are slow and arise from the state of awareness.  One follows the feeling of the field.  One integrates the field into the movement and the movement into the field.  This method helps us integrate the awareness field into our life and our life into the awareness field.  

25.  A closing method, and a grounding method is placing the thumb within each hand and then placing the hands on the hips. 

26.  The power of these methods is a function of the transmission of this information through the power of the field, through the archetypal dimension which supports the field and through the archetypal dimensions that are manifested within the field.  

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