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Radiant Light of Divine Love

By Karen Ferguson MA, RYT

As a young child I had a dream about Jesus and me... He most generously helped me with such compassion and love.

It was a most luminous night with infinite heavens above, a soft moon glowing and a silent and pristine communion between a child and her beloved Jesus.

As I gazed into the pregnant and luminous night sky I sensed a sublime purity of spirit that was at once within me and within the entire cosmos, simultaneously. Like the wide ocean full of water, the sky seemed to be filled with the water of love... an element unto itself. It even filled my eyes.

I was fully present as the Lord of the Skies came into View.  This joyful being made of radiant light at first filled the sky, then took the form of a human body with ethereal cloth robes, and a soft and gentle face.  He came very close to me and didn't speak.

His gaze.  His knowing eyes.  His eyes were bowls of love breathing light, extending this radiant pure goodness into my soul, immersing me with this same light.  There was an exchange, an osmosis, a transmission, an initiation.

I became love as I received this blessing.  There was nothing else, just this entire sphere of light meeting radiant light in an alchemical rebirth, where fear was replaced with the knowledge that this light was eternal and indestructible.   That this light was indivisible among all invaders, all challengers, and all game changers.  This radiant light is my truest body.  

Gnosis is radiant light knowing itself.  


Light that survives darkness and death.  Light that remains when a shadow descends.  Light that has nowhere to hide. The light that arises as the playground between you and the world, and paints the world with a sheer coat of Radiance.

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