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Object and Being:the beingness of being

Object and Being:  the beingness of being

1.  The knowledge of object is the knowledge of mind. The knowledge of being is the knowledge of awareness. In becoming aware of awareness one becomes aware of the beingness of ones own being. In becoming aware of the beingness of ones own being one becomes aware of the beingness of being of another being.

2.  In becoming aware of the beingness of being of another being, one becomes aware of the beingness of being. In becoming aware of the beingness of being, knowledge expands in pervasiveness and through extension. In becoming aware of the beingness of being, one becomes the beingness of being which is the buddha. The mind must be integrated into the beingness of being. Mind must be integrated into the awareness field. The object becomes subsumed within the field as the field, which is the ontological truth of the object. Epistemological truth is the truth of path and ontological truth is the truth of the ground.

3.  The language of object is representational. The language of being is metaphorical.

4.  Object knowledge is known through the mind. The knowledge of the beingness of being is gnosis or direct perception. The knowledge of awareness of awareness is the knowledge of the field, which is the field of being. The mind subsumes the field. This must be reversed so that the field subsumes the mind. Integrating the mind into the field is necessary for realization of the field.

5.  Having the base of the beingness of being is liberation.

6.  The gaze is direct and non representational. Where as perception and reflection through the mind is representational. The object relational view is the first object perceived at the non-conceptual level. It is the relational level. Then it is represented at the representational and symbolized within the symbolic dimension. The object can be gazed and opened as a being when the beingness of being appears.

There is seeing an object represented as an object. There is also the symbolic and symbolization, which are within the symbolic dimension. Gazing into the object reveals the object as a being and the beingness of being appears. Within the kayas three dimensions appear:  as luminous light in oneness, as oneness of energy and as spaciousness. The different dimensions of appearances, apparition and knowingness of non-conceptually are all dimensions of awareness field. By becoming the field this view is open through beings as the beingness of being manifesting.

7.  The more vast the field of one’s own awareness, the more one experiences the beingness of being in all of its multidimensionality.

8.  As the awareness field surges up within us as the wisdom wind, there is an upsurge of the beingness of being within the beings and through the beings around us, both the sentient and non-sentient. There is the corresponding energetic unfolding of the light within the body described as kundalini. The expansion of embodied space, light and energy is the expansion of awareness field. The upsurge is unceasing and the revealing of the reality of luminous spaciousness becomes more visible and obvious. The vast unbound spaciousness or luminous emptiness becomes more felt and actually experienced as the more the intrinsic and innate base.

9.  The life of the invisible becomes visible.

10.  Appearing can be of the rank of representational.  Appearing can be of the order of the symbolic function.  Appearing can be of the dimension of the field.  Appearing can be of the opening of the experience of the beingness of being manifesting as presence, manifesting as apparitions, and/or manifesting as void of radiance.

11.  There is up surging and the coming forth.

12.  Subjectivity becoming manifest in one’s self and in the other becomes an inter-subjective experience of oneness, of spaciousness and of ineffability. Oneness, spontaneous presence and the opening of subjectivity are the openness of awareness and the openness of the beingness of being.

13.  The reduction of phenomena means the object disappears into the field of light or the field of the beingness of being.

14.  Phenomena gives an effect.  The giveness of phenomena of appearance is the manifestation of the beingness of being both within and without. Through a being, the beingness of being is manifesting. Subjectivity becomes experienced inside to inside.

15.  There is a pure giveness of phenomena of awareness. Awareness is both within the self and within the object, which becomes more obvious as the object becomes a subject. As the inter-subjective field is form, the field of beingness of being becomes more manifest and so extension and pervasiveness unfolds throughout the day and life.  The practice of extension is the practice of extending the relative view to match the infinite horizon.

16.  The phenomena of awareness ultimately gives itself to us.  It gives itself to us as a being manifesting the awareness field and gives itself to us through the manifestation of other beings.  In this manner the beingness of the world becomes the vehicle of the beingness of being. The multidimensional awareness field is both within and without and so the inner field meets the outer field and the arising and the up surging of the field becomes complete.

17. The disclosure of the world as the field of the beingness of being is unboundness and its multidimensionality as appearance, apparition and basic space is oneness.

18.  To give itself is to show itself. The beingness of being both gives itself and shows itself in all its dimensionality.  It gives itself to itself.  It reveals itself to itself. And it hides itself from itself, e.g. ma rigpa. Concealment and unconcealment is intrinsic to the manifestation of the field.

19.  Through concealment, the rays bring forth the world as it is.  In complete unconcealment there would only be light, the clear light of awareness. It is not that human beings out of stupidity foreclose the experience of rigpa.  The experience of the ground of being manifesting the beingness of being is rather the stupidity of human beings as the manifestation of ma rigpa.  Ma rig pa is actually a manifestation of samatrabhadra.  Consciousness conceals itself and reveals itself.  The beingness of being reveals and conceals. You and I are both a thing and no thing.  We are both a thing and awareness itself.  The world itself is both a thing and no thing. The universe is both a thing and no thing. There is this blending of thingness and no thingness.  The dissolving of thingness reveals the beingness of being. The dissolving of thingness reveals the light of awareness.  The light of awareness reveals the thingness of things, not only as the light of awareness is placed on a thing but the light of awareness within the things consealed as things.  The light of awareness brings forth the light within the thing out of resonance the light is brought forth.  (Does this say what you want?)

20. The giveness of awareness gives itself both within us as us and around us as the world. Our own awareness is the giveness of our own awareness as it brings forth the giveness of the other.

21. Giveness is at the heart of awareness. This giveness is the manifestation of immanence itself. The bringing forth of the inner heart essence is the manifestation of immanence of light.  The innermost light resonates forth and brings forth the light of the otherness in the beingness of being.

22.  Pure immanence of the field of the world is the giveness of immanence and the releasing of immanence out of the resonance of interiority.

23.  What appears gives itself.  What gives itself shows itself.  This is the gift of the immanence or the intrinsic characteristic of giveness.  Phenomena accedes to visibility by way of giveness. The beingness of being gives itself to a being or to infinite beings.

24.  The individual being of every sort is contingent upon the giveness, which affects us and informs us.  There is the radical giveness of the beingness of being in a being, which is the direct perception of knowingness itself as knowingness knowing knowingness or awareness experiencing awareness.

25.  There is the phenomena of the objective type and phenomena of the ontological type, which is a non-objectifiable beingness of being.

26. The horizon as boundary and as unbounded horizon is infinite.  This infinite horizon is an unbounded giveness as the giveness of infinite oneness. The initial giveness maybe contained and limited.  It is through the extension of perception that the boundary dissolves and becomes uncontained, which is unconcealed.

27.  Intuition is the direct perception not only of the phenomena, but also through the phenomena. It is the layering of phenomena or the delayering of phenomena.

28.  It is the given within intuition or the given within direct perception or pure perception.

29.  The dimension of the receiver of giveness brings forth the dimension of the giveness. Foreclosure of giveness is a fact.

30. From giveness to manifestation, love is the basic motive for phenomenological understanding. The reception of the giveness and the beauty of a being does not simply belong to its thing-like mode. It is saturated with awareness, with the field, with the luminous beingness of being resulting in presence. This is a giveness. The whole world is a giveness of the given.

31.  Visibility itself includes invisibility. Bergson said, “I am always perceiving something either from without or from within.”  Giveness does not always proceed from the anterior pole of consciousness.

Rudolph Bauer,Ph.D  Author; Carol Marcy,Ph.D Editor

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