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Nothing Reaching an End: A Natural Place of Freedom

by Erin Johannesen, M.A., M.D.

If we can place aside, just for a moment, our understanding and our thinking, if without understanding, and without thinking, we enter opening anyway, we can arrive in a place where we may abide in the way things are. In this place beyond happiness and exaltation, such immediate immanence of self-awareness not conceptualized can come as a great awareness of bliss to us.

Such awareness can be a path of natural emptiness that tastes like the end of the sky. And we may live within its intent perfectly when we know beyond recognition every unborn clear light, present everywhere and in everything, is already bliss itself.

In our awareness as bliss, we do not live in any thought or statement. Our thoughts do not dwell in any center or extreme. No opinion supports us, for not-thinking and thinking are not in duality; instead, they have a single place, a singly exhausted end.

For there is nothing that reaches an end, and the realm of a circle is one, the oneness of a wheel turning as our own nature, self-originating, unsought, and ungenerated. It blazes by itself; moves always within itself. And we may come upon it in its very way of moving that is also unmoving. As a seed grown to full flower knows earth and water, wind and sky, and a changing of the seasons as all of its mothers, so too may it know that once bloomed and now exhausted – completed – it can begin to turn toward becoming its own unborn seed again, for nothing reaches an end.

Note: This short essay was inspired by reading Christopher Wilkinson’s translation of The Tantra of Great Bliss: The Guyagarbha Transmission of Vajrasattva’s Magnificent Sky. Ink drawing is from public domain of Google Images.

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