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Matrix of Mystery in Transliteration

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D., Author

This is a transliteration of Herbert Guenther’s commentary on the Guhyagarbha Tantra. Being which is no thingness is primordial ground awareness. This awareness manifest compelling forces and these archetypical compelling forces are understood to be deities and dakinis. These formulated energies are as much feelings as experienced apparitions. These aesthetic archetypical experiences constitute an essential aspect of human life. Human consciousness itself is a manifestation of Beings manifestation. These luminous energies manifest without losing their manifestation or indivisibility with the cosmic universe and are a source of infinite possibilities of sensuous disclosure and experience.

Beings sensuous disclosure is self presencing and this manifestation is the primordial act of form giving, which giveness is infinite giveness. Man’s attunement to this manifestation brings forth this manifestation within man, between human beings and within human beings.

Beings dynamic character shows forth atemporal abiding qualities. There is Beings essential openness. There is Being’s high energy which is sheer luminous radiating  lucency. There is the intrinsic intelligence of knowningness. This knowningness shapes the unbroken continuity of experience of infinite singularities with infinite world systems.

Beings excitatory intelligence is rigpa. Beings knowningness is completely present in every phase of Beings self manifestation or self unfoldment into the infinite variety of structures that are this universe, the manifested universe. The unmanifest becoming manifest. The manifest and the unmanifest are indivisible.

This pristine knowningness is the source of all cognition and informational transmission. This knowningness is experience and expands into fields of light and energy configurations.

Experience as such is an active manifestation and unfolds into configurations which transmit Beings mystery. Our own cognitive processes are instances of Beings pristine cognitiveness. Knowningness is the full level of Beings knowningness…Being human is a manifestation of Beings mystery, the mystery of self revelation. Being self reveals itself in us as us.

Being has a diaphanous character and Being can be experience within and through the physical world, within and through sentient beings and within and through existence itself. Animate beings radiate the energy of Being and material beings congeals radiance. All animate and all inanimate is relational in nature and all are manifestations of Being. Being manifesting as masculine and feminine forces pervades ones own being. We are the beingness of Being.

The diaphanously pure nature of the physical world may be experienced as a wonderful place and the diaphanous purity of the inhabitants of this world can be experienced as gods and goddesses.Being is ceaselessly self presencing.The triadic dynamics of Being structures existence and experience, the unfolding of the individuals experience, specific elucidations of singularity.

Ground existence is utterly pure in facticity, actuality and resonance. Facticity is utterly pure and there is no leaving facticity and actuality is Beings spontaneous presence. Intelligence radiates light throughout the worlds, infinite radiance.The resonance is compassion and the energy burst forth. This knowningness is in the heart of each living being. Pristine knowningness is vitalizing energy and is the dynamic existence as ground and source through which beings come into presence. Beings presence shines through the eyes of human beings. This is the natural path of direct perception and vision. The translucidity of experience and translucidity of phenomena is the natural function of light in its manifestation of nonduality within duality.

The ground of Being is non localizable and is no where and yet everywhere. It is like the quantum field always coming into presence that is self presencing through radiating in all directions. In this process of self presencing the ground becomes distilled into concentratedness. This may be likened to the quantum mechanical understanding of particle which is an excitation of the field and is never independent of the field and is always in interaction within the field.

Knowingness is never independent of the field as the field is its manifestation. The field is a virbrant continuum which becomes the texture of experience as such. This field of awareness can manifest and become more amplified and experienced more directly and intensely.The field is lambency expanding and developing into the five hues of luminous color. In this context rigpa is the excitation of the light, and in terms of experience this knowningness is interiority and this lambency is an outwardly directed manifested brilliance. This coming into presence is self arising of awareness. The field and its excitation can not be separated and is similar to the sun and its rays. The dynamics of the awareness field is a process that makes itself felt in all the various intensities and intentionalities of humanness.

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