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Shavite and Vjarayana traditions greatly influenced each other both in practice and tantric text. Both Shavite and Vjrana traditions understood the BLISS HEALS SUFFERING.

Consciousness, existence is bliss…sat chit ananada.

Everyone is within awareness field and awareness is within everyone. There is no exception…all of awareness is the field of immanence…the symbolic is dimension is within immanence.  Bliss is the radiance of awareness…the radiance of immanence. The radiance of light is Mahasuka. The essence of compassion is bliss. Stainless Space is Bliss. The place of awareness is the place of unfolding bliss. You really want to know that place…

1. The Vajrayana’s great innovation to the Mahayana lineage of thought is the understanding that the absolute (primordial awareness) is maha sukha…great bliss…No where in the Madhyamika is the absolute characterized as suka, bliss. The absolute is complete bliss, which is beyond the subject object duality. Actually subject object duality (self otherness duality) all takes places within the non-duality of Bliss. Subject and otherness is manifestation of bliss…one flesh…

For Madyamika, nirvana is cessation of all mental constructions and expressions. It is the path of deconstruction…complete deconstruction…where nothing can be said…only undone. The ultimate nature is bliss in the Vajrayana. Bliss is black, yellow, red, white and green, blue and all things moving and those fixed. Bliss is the wisdom, bliss is the means, bliss is body, speech and mind, bliss is the erotic union, bliss is birth and bliss is death, bliss is existence and bliss is non existence…bliss is becoming and bliss is disappearing. Bliss is unborn and forever and ever appearing in singularity of experience. Embodiment is bliss, bliss is the face of sentient beings and geographies of the elements. Each element bliss. The beatific vision is seeing bliss in all of its manifestations. The faces of sentient beings is beatific vision.

2. The deity Vajrasattva is known as bliss. In its exploration of bliss the hevajra tantra speaks of four-fold joys...innate joy…Mahasuka. Refined joy is the bliss of passion, passionless joy is bliss of cessation and the bliss of awareness of the middle state is ordinary joy. The luminous spaciousness of all phenomena is of the nature of great bliss.

3. Bliss is non-duality within duality. And bliss is within duality as non-duality. In bliss there is only the oneness of same nature…bliss pervades all the kayas. Bliss is sometimes beyond words and thought nonetheless bliss can be experienced directly, direct perception by all beings is possible as bliss. Bliss and the expression of bliss is experienced in the body…bliss is located in the body. Although abiding in the body, it does not originate in the body. Bliss infuses the body and infuses the mind. Bliss is the infinite field that permeates the body and sustains embodiment of all beings…knows all beings are equal. Compassion arises from this experience of the essential equality of all beings arising out of the experience of oneness. Kripa is the experience of ones self as being of the same nature as all living beings.

4. Maha Suka is the nature of all beings; Mahasuka is the nature of the Beingness of Being in its singularity. This is the secret instruction of the bodhisattvas about the nature of reality…maha suka is the ultimate reality of all beings in their singularity. Bliss is without abstractions. Bliss is kadig…purity. Purity and bliss are in total oneness.

5. Vajrasatva is known as bliss. Bliss of nirmanakaya, bliss of sambogakaya and bliss of dharmakaya are the one bliss. Bliss is non-duality and non-duality is bliss. Space, radiance and compassion are maha suka, Bliss and the energy of bliss creates the world and all things and all beings…the beingness of being is Bliss. BEING IS BLISS. The field as bliss and sustains bliss. Humans pursue bliss relentlessly and compulsively. The unconscious is bliss itself trying to manifest in life. There is the background sense of bliss that haunts people.

Babies are bliss. Sahage samadhi is bliss…natural state is bliss the bliss of Samadhi is the bliss of the world.

Bliss arises in so many forms and shapes and actions. Bliss is not easily understood. Bliss is the least understood of the divine qualities and is always suspect. This suspicion is ma rig pa…this is the essential demonic…the suspicion of.

6. Purity of awareness is bliss. All experience in its essential purity is Bliss. Bliss is liberation and liberation is bliss…the very essence of awareness is liberation itself. The bliss of freedom is ever arising. Samsara and Nirvana in their non-duality is the unfolding path of bliss. Your karma is the path of bliss. Bliss is so ineffable that it is almost impossible to speak about bliss. Bliss is normalized and becomes normanic speech. Bliss is thought to be only as pleasure.

In the sublime bliss the manifested and source are in complete oneness of bliss…the emanated is the expression of bliss as bliss…The innate is undifferentiated in the sense that the differences within the undifferentiated is non essential…like water and ice…bliss is ultimate and bliss is the source. Bliss is which can at times be beyond words can be directly experienced by the human beings as they are bliss personified.

Bliss is within the syllables…the samadhi of the syllables. The symbolic syllables and symbols are bliss. There is no essential difference between source symbols, syllables and words and sentences. The symbolic is not essentially different from the source. The deities in their becoming become syllables. Invocation is the power of the samadhi of the syllables. The power of invocation brings forth bliss as liberation. In oneself and others. Mantra is the samadhi of syllables…vibration of the field.

Without place this dimension is easily muted and never known. Chat and chatter is not the samadhi of syllables…symbolic power.

Great bliss of gnosis dissolves veils and so bliss is translucidity itself. Bliss is located in the body and although abiding in the body it the source of bliss is beyond the body and the body is the embodiment of bliss. All bodies are the manifestation of bliss…

Great bliss of gnosis dissolves veils and so bliss is translucidity itself. Bliss is located in the body and although abiding in the body it is the source of bliss beyond the body and the body is the embodiment of bliss. All bodies are the manifestation of bliss…

7. Both pleasure and pain itself can be the manifestation of bliss. How can this be understood…

That both pleasure and pain is the manifestation of bliss is the most incomprehensible of secrets.

All affective states are in essence unbound bliss. Yet bliss itself is not an affect, bliss is not an emotion, bliss is not a thought, and bliss is not sensation…bliss is completely unto itself.

Bliss dissolves all suffering, this is the essence of the tantras. Liberation is the releasement of bliss and bliss is the releasement of liberation. Human beings can live in bliss and die in bliss. Human beings can be reborn in Bliss. Bliss is the innate companion of liberation…the very essence of awareness is liberation as bliss.

Bliss infuses the bliss of the mind…the bliss of thought, the bliss of thinking, the bliss of feeling, the bliss of imagination, the bliss of sensation, the bliss of memory…the bliss of the world is the bliss of Samadhi. This bliss infuses the bliss of the body, movement, smells, taste, seeing, hearing. There is the bliss of pourousness…the bliss of soaring, the bliss of passing through. There is only one bliss only one bliss in all of the infinite manifestations both microcosmic and macrocosmic.

8. Bliss is released both within beneficence and both within fierceness. The mega universe is infinite bliss and all of multidimensions are infinite bliss.

9. Muktananda used to say the knowledge of suffering is obvious, the knowledge of bliss is wisdom. To transmit suffering is extremely easy, and to transmit bliss is to transmit liberation. The cultivation of bliss is the highest practice for oneself and others. The bodhisattva embodies bliss, cultivates bliss, and is bliss. The company of bliss is the grace of the guru.

 10. Wherever love is bliss arises…bliss and suffering are at times total oneness. This is not easy to understand. To discover the oneness is liberation in immediacy.

11. Bliss is intensity of infinite plateaus and bliss does not seek discharges. Bliss is always bliss and bliss is intensity. Bliss holds all affects, love, terror, meanness, hurt, sadness; all affects can rest in bliss and can be permeated by bliss. The most direct path is the path of bliss. If you know that bliss is both means and results you know what is essential in becoming what you are. Bliss is the purity of total oneness. And your own karma is the key and doorway to bliss for you; the doorway of the purity of your subjectivity…subjectivity is naked bliss…to know this frees you within all events. To each his own.

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