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Becoming Light

An excerpt from:

Creating Peace Inside and Out: cultivating heart-centered living

by Carol Marcy, PhD

It was early evening when we approached the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt. This was the culmination of an incredible trip that had led us to sacred temple after temple often in the early morning before the crowds arrived. We had watched the sun rise at the Isis temple, had descended into the Osirian and into the subterranean room at the temple at Karnak with its odd painting of people putting their heads up against what appeared to be something like a large light bulb replete with electric plug. We had walked through what had once been lush gardens filled with animals and foreign plants gathered from neighboring countries on our way to Queen Hatshepsut’s palace/temple. Everywhere the temples were covered with murals of Gods and Goddesses, kings and queens, fisher folk and farmers living, worshiping and participating in ceremonies and rituals that wove through the fabric of everyday life in ancient Egypt. Every inch of columns and temple walls were covered with hieroglyphs that spoke of the ancient mysteries in symbols, poems and prayers.

Everywhere we turned in Egypt, whether in the colorful marketplaces or in the magnificent temples or simply floating down the green waters of the Nile in a dahabayah (a small boat that slept 16 people and was pushed when necessary by a tug boat), the great mystery of ancient Egypt was alive and present. It was as if the desert sands still sang the ancient liturgies and resounded with the footsteps of Osiris, Isis, Horus and Hathor. The beauty is in the mystery and the creative impulse that it brings to so many trying to figure it out.

Next to the last night in Egypt we were to have our own time in the Great Pyramid to do ceremony and explore this monumental space. We climbed up over the huge 13-ton limestone blocks from which the pyramid is constructed. These are so precisely carved and placed without mortar that it is impossible to slide a piece of paper into the cracks.

Our group was filled with anticipation and excitement. I had done a lot of reading ahead of time about the construction and the many, many theories about what it had been used for. Was it a burial site for some magnificent pharaoh? No bones or treasures were ever found inside; only an empty sarcophagus without a lid remained in the King’s Chamber. Was it a Ram pump, bringing water in and out creating a phenomenal sound that resonated for miles helping to support the growth of nearby crops? Was it a place of initiation for the priesthood and pharaoh? No one really knows but robots have probed mysterious small tunnels that seem to point to particular stars, like Sirius and the North Star, only adding more questions not answers.

Once inside the pyramid we began the steep ascent though the narrow passageway that did not allow us to stand upright. Having read about this, I had been practicing walking bent over up my steep driveway at home to build up my muscles and endurance. After what seemed like a long time we emerged out into the Grand Gallery. The ascent was still 45 degree upwards but we could now stand up straight. The sides of the narrow Grand Gallery are corbelled, which means that they drop for a certain length, then open a little wider drop for a length, open wider and so on. so that the ceiling is narrower than the passage at the floor. This has of course caused a lot of curiosity and interesting guesses as to why.

Just before we climb to the top there is one last large step up before entering the short passageway to the King’s Chamber. There have been very interesting mathematical calculations that indicate its particular relationship to Pi and the Golden Mean. The amazing thing about this pyramid is, as in the Temples, the ancient Egyptians had a very deep and precise knowledge of mathematical concepts and applied them over and over again. While Pythagoras is given credit for discovering the Pythagorean theorem and other mathematical laws, they, as well as Phi (the Golden Mean) and Pi, were shown by mathematician Schwaller de Lubicz to have been applied many times over in the construction of Temple of Man and the Great Pyramid.

As each of us stretched up to make this last step we were happy to be on level ground again. Soon we were in an amazing space: a rectangular room of dark red polished granite about thirty feet long, twenty feet wide and eighteen feet tall with five spaced slabs of stone above the ceiling, ending in a pointed roof. The room is completely empty except for a black basalt sarcophagus with no lid. Electric tea light candles were place in front of the sarcophagus marking an entryway to it. All of the lights went out except for the candles. We toned (long single note, breath based sounds) and the entire space came alive with resonance.

One by one we made our way to the sarcophagus to lie down in this stone box as we can guess, thousands of priest and priestess initiates had done before us. I had the distinct feeling of shooting out of my body far up into the Heavens to return when my all too short time was up. Each person in our group took turns stepping into this sacred initiatory vessel. Each person had his or her own experience. When complete, the lights came back on and we were free to explore other parts of the pyramid. Some chose to go all the way down deep under the base through the Robber’s tunnel to another space.

I chose to come back down to the bottom of the Grand Gallery and through another narrow level passageway to the Queens Chamber. This space was quite different. The walls, ceiling and floor were of unfinished limestone. The shape was like a small house with a peaked roof maybe twenty feet long, fifteen feet wide and perhaps eighteen feet to the peak in the ceiling. Others from our group were in the room. I felt drawn to stand by the far wall. Some people were toning.

I found my upper body sliding down the wall while my right leg was lifting up arabesque style. Sharlyn, our group leader, was also against the wall not too far away. I felt myself being pulled into the space of the room. All self-consciousness about dancing in front of others fell away. Soon I had no sense of my physical body. I was nothing but golden light. The currents of light were moving me gently this way and that. I responded to the soft fluctuations of light waves, light within light. The image that comes to me now is that it felt like the fluctuations of light currents in northern lights. I have no idea how long I was there. I had no sense of time or space or people or the solidity of that room. Later a friend showed me a picture he took of me while I was moving. It was shocking to see my physical body. To my consciousness in that moment I had no body. There was nothing physical about me. I was pure light filled within the bliss of the experience.

Seeking Ma’at*

Dust falls from my eyes.

Living in Ma’at

I look into the face of Truth.

I am Ma’at

I am what I see.

Naked I stand before you


In that Being


Light recognizing itself as Light


*Ma’at is the principal of Truth. According to Egyptian mythology when one dies his or her heart is measured on a scale to see if the heart is as light as a feather or heavier. If heavier then it is sent back to incarnate once again for more lessons. If it is as light the soul moves on to become One with Source and to become an Everlasting Star, those that never set circling continuously around the North Star.

Much later when I was back home, I had an appointment with Beckie, who works with crystals as vehicles for healing. As she placed Boji stones on my hip joints, I saw my skeletal structure. At that moment I understood that the crystalline composition of our bones are major conduits for energy to run through our bodies. This crystalline composition seems to be shifting, becoming more refined. This allows for a flow of higher frequencies energy to move through the body. The pineal gland, also a crystalline structure, brings in the energy from the Celestial Soul above the head where the fingers touch as high up as they can. The Celestial Soul is the mediator between our God-self and our human-self.

I felt much lighter or light like, harkening back to my experience in the Queen’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The light is flowing through my body as an expression of Source moving through my Celestial Soul into my pineal gland and down through my crystalline bones into the Earth. It is my intention to keep that causeway open and the Light flowing from above into the Earth. I am a conduit of the loving energy between God the Mother and God the Father.

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