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Tom Walsh, LCSW-C

Have you ever looked

into the eyes of love.

The eyes of a mother

Gazing into her newborn

The eyes of lovers

Greeting each other

Of a father dancing at a wedding

with his daughter, the bride

Of parents whose daughter

Just won an Olympic gold medal..

Of a wife whose husband

Has returned from combat.

Of a bridegroom seeing

His bride walk down the aisle.

Of parents watching their child

Take his first steps.

Of all of us

When we hear

I love you.

After a long wait.

Take any of those looks

multiply them

A billion times.

And it's still not enough.

Not enough to know

How much creation

Loves it's creations.

Loves us.

All the time.

Without exception.

Without condition.

No matter what.

Meditate on that love

Each day for a week.

Holding the reality

Of this immense love.

Metabolizing it into each cell.

Celebrating it with each breath.

Basking inside it

In each movement.

You will realize

That you too are a lover.

And you will give out.

All the love you took in.

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