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Basic Space of Phenomena

Basic Space of Phenomena            

Author: Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D.

1. Within naturally occurring timeless awareness, a single basic space, all things are present in such a way that they are in essence non dual. Things are present in non duality as dualities. In a sense, there is duality within non duality and non duality within duality. This immanence of spacious timeless awareness is pervasive in and as everything. Everything is within immanence as non dual immanence… and non dual immanence is within everything, within all dualities.

2. Continuous dualistic perceptions and experience arise as a manifestation of the dynamic energy of awareness. This manifestation of duality is completely natural and takes place completely within non duality. Primordial awareness in its very completeness of non duality manifests in duality as duality. 

3. In what is called awakened awareness there is no duality between sensuous appearance and awareness. Sensuous experience is a manifestation of primordial awareness, and through sensuous experience you can experience non duality within duality.

4. Within enlightenment there is awareness without transition-- timeless awareness, unborn and undying. Within timeless awareness, the universe of appearance and possibilities, whether of samsara or nirvana, duality within non duality appears or manifests with nothing to renounce and nothing to attain. 

5. Within non duality there is nothing to change, the nature of phenomena is pure, and the true understanding is that I am that nature. Within duality, within the circumstances within non duality, within the events within non duality, there are actions that take place: dualistic actions within non duality that come about in light of the very circumstances. Knowledge is action. Non dual knowledge in dualistic circumstances brings forth action according to the circumstances. This is important to understand the necessity of action.

6. Non dual awareness requires nothing. Non dual awareness within time and space, non dual awareness within dualistic circumstances, can bring forth action or non action. Non dual awareness in its potentiality opens the freedom of action or non action according to the dualistic circumstances. 

7. Dualistic circumstances bring forth the integration of mind into pure awareness and pure awareness into mind. This integration is realization.

8. Primordial awareness is manifested in you as you. Non duality is manifested in you as your very subjectivity. The field is you. The openness of the field is the openness of your subjectivity as awareness. The circumstances that you are in, the phenomena of the world, are all the manifestation of primordial awareness. The field is the world as circumstances. And so non duality experiences non duality within self and within circumstances. 


Step 1. In mind alone, you will experience circumstances in light of your ego functions and the phenomena of circumstance. Your mind is generationally expressed and situationally determined. There is little if any potential space, and you are in duality, even within your self.  Subjectivity is mind alone… box in a cage.

Step 2. In becoming aware of your mind, transitional space begins to open and within this openness space begins to appear and be felt-- the space of awareness, the inkling of timelessness, the inkling of oneness. You are in duality, but there is the subtle presence of non duality within you and even between you and others arising. 

Step 3. In becoming aware of awareness itself, the field begins to manifest: non dual spaciousness becomes present in you, non duality as the very essence of primordial spaciousness becomes felt through the doorway of your own subjectivity, as your own subjectivity.  Subjectivity is knowingness less contained by mind. In awareness of awareness, non duality experiences the non duality of self and non duality of circumstance within the context of duality. At this moment, circumstance is both non dual and dual… and the unfolding of non duality through circumstance is completely possible and the path of realization is in your hand.

Step 4. The unfolding of the dimensions of primordial awareness as self and as circumstance: multi-dimensionality unfolds into completeness. 

9. The luminosity of subjectivity and embodiment becomes apparent and the nature of appearance is luminous spaciousness.  The non duality of your personal awareness is the non duality of vast subjectivity contained within mind and body: the non duality of your openness within time and space, the non duality of you experiencing non duality within circumstances and through circumstance. The purity of subjectivity and purity of circumstance are in non dual oneness. The dualistic action or non action is possible in the potentiality of pure awareness manifestations.

10. The archetypical dimension (sambhogakaya) is felt as the manifestation of one’s own subjectivity or your own vortexual experience. The non duality of the sambhogakaya realm becomes apparent. These very circumstances are non dualistic archetypical in that there non dualistic beatific and demonic manifestations. Dualistic experience may present but thin: present in the sense when you are witnessing the experience, which is different then being the dimension itself.

11. The pure awareness alone exists as non dual oneness. There will be variation of the four dimensions, sometimes sequentially and sometimes all at once. The disappearance of phenomena will be commonplace and what remains is only openness.

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