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A Poem from the Field of Awareness

By Elizabeth Ebaugh, LCSW

Tukaram Maharaj said, "God belongs to me, and I belong

to God. I speak the Truth, I speak the Truth, I speak the Truth." Through

faith and trust in the Self, you too can have this full right over of God.

Tukaram Maharaj continued on to say, "Thinking I had the right to attain

God, I went to see Him. When I got there I realized that I was God. I had

become God Himself. Now, I am blessed, I am blessed. I am in God, and God is in

me." Baba Muktananda, 1981

I am in God and God is in me. Always.

SoHam I am that

And that I am and have been every moment of this existence

I come from source as does every appearance

As does each and every experience

To those who think, really believe, that feeling fear or pain or any kind of strain can erase that truth I say ‘what an abomination’!

They are only doorways to the amazing recollection of SoHam.

Portals of metabolization!

The cloaks they wear evoke story and judgement

Catagories that stick and set one to harden like cement

But deep in the beingness of being that which I am knows

Has always known and it is that knowing surfacing from under the confusion, the snow

Exploding an awakening in every cell of the form of existence

That is the process of liberation.

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