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The Profound Liberation of the Guru Archetypal Experience from the Patriarchal Archetypal Domination

The Profound Liberation of the Guru Archetypal Experience from the Patriarchal Archetypal Domination Drama

Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D. Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, A.B.P.P.


Washington Center for Consciousness Studies, The Washington Center for Phenomenological and Existential Psychotherapy Studies, and The International Center for Consciousness Consultation (Santa Monica, California, 90405)

Creative Immanence

The publication of the dramatic and radical Dzogchen text “The Supreme Source” in 8th century Tibet, began a collective transformation going beyond Buddhist Transcendental Being-lessness into the Creative Immanence of Embodied Luminous Being-fullness.

As the Existential tradition of Dzogchen manifested and unfolded within Tibet, the dominating Buddhist transcendental theocratic drama of the Singular Patriarchal Person as Guru who supposedly knows Absolutely and who dominates Absolutely began dissolving among, and within Dzogchen practitioners. For Dzogchen the Guru is not a singular person but rather the Guru is within everyone as their innermost awareness, their innermost Being-fullness. The Guru is an archetypal expression of Being and Being’s self-revelation within beings.

The theocratic union of the Patriarchal archetype and the Guru archetype had existed for centuries in ancient India. The Master-Devotee relationship was of essence in India culture, as was the Indian Caste system. Spiritual hierarchy was totally focal and essential in Indian Transcendental Spirituality and Transcendental Culture. In Tibetan Buddhist Culture within the ancient Nyingma Tradition the form of the Master- Devotee domination began to slowly dissolve in the 8th century in light of the dramatic unfolding of Existential and Experiential Immanence. As the Transcendental Buddhist understanding dissolved so did the Master Devotee Slave like relationship dissolve. The theocratic illusion dissolves.

The Transcendental Context

In the Transcendental context, the Guru is a singular person who is supposed to have Absolute knowledge and who is considered to be Omniscient and even Omnipotent. And by serving the Personal Guru and by obedience to the Personal Guru and by pleasing the Personal Guru, a devotee can be liberated from existential slavery. Through devotional obedience to the Personal Guru, a person is liberated from Existential and Ontological slavery. Liberation through Submission! Liberation through domination! A Bit Odd, is it not?

Often the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience both in eastern and western transcendental traditions are manifestations of loyalty and submission to the patriarchal guru and patriarchal tradition and patriarchal institution. Perhaps we should add submission to the “Patriarchal God.”

Master Slave Relationship

Even in today’s USA culture we can easily hear and see the devotional master slave like relationship which is played out in various eastern spiritual traditions and in western religious traditions. These Spiritual and meditative traditions teach Liberation through Obedience and Submission. Liberation through submission to Patriarchal Domination.

This is especially true in monastic transcendental traditions both of the east and of the west. Patriarchal Grandiosity requires unbound loyalty and unbound obedience and unbound submission to the “spiritual” authority who’s personal will is considered to be the divine will. Of course, the “spiritual” authority knows Absolutely and dominates Absolutely.


The theocratic union of grandiose royalty and grandiose spirituality began dissolving slowly and slowly unfolds over centuries within the Dzogchen tradition of Equality Consciousness and Equal Vision. With the manifestation of the Dzogchen text “The Supreme Source” during the 8th century ,the deeply experiential tradition of Immanence came into manifestation and gained momentum through the next many centuries.

Because of the natural profound experience of the self- arising of embodied luminous Being-fullness within the innate field of Immanence, there was no longer the desperate psychological need for an actual singular person or singular institution being the sole would be “source” of self-manifestation of the Pure Knowingness of Primordial Awareness, the Pure Knowingness of Being-fullness.

Personal Guru as Source

It was as if the Personal Guru as person Alone was source. Rather in Dzogchen as well as Kashmir Shaivism, Being- itself and the Being-fullness of Being was and is source and has always been source. Being as source is ontologically independent of a particular person or tradition.

As Namkai Norbu Rinpoche the great independent contemporary Dzogchen teacher would so often say “Dzogchen does not belong to any one tradition or any one culture.” No one owns Dzogchen. Dzogchen is a metaphor of Being and the manifestation of Being-fullness as beings. This understanding was articulated by Longchenpa the great 14th century philosopher of Dzogchen. His great Text “The Precious Treasury of Genuine Meaning “ fully elaborates this understanding.

The “One Knowing Absolutely “is The Source of The Master Slave Relationship

In the language of Hegel and his Phenomenology of Spirit there is no need for the One Who Knows Absolutely. There is no ontological need for the Master Slave Relationship. There is no ontological need for the Authoritarian domination of The One Who Knows Absolutely.

Hegel in his great text describes how when a person is the One Who Knows Absolutely who has Absolute Knowledge there arises of necessity the Master Slave relationship. Of course, this master slave drama continues relentlessly in most eastern and western religions and meditative traditions. Often the archetypal deity of these religions and spiritual traditions is an archetypal “GOD” who is Patriarchal in essence, a Deity of Judgement and Terror. A Deity who knows Absolutely and Dominates Absolutely! There can be many various names of this Patriarchal Archetypal Deity, this archetypal Who-ness as Primordial Source.


Within the formulation of the Immanent mystical traditions there is no longer the desperate psychological need for the Personal One Who Knows Absolutely since the manifestation of the process of Being-full Alethea (wisdom) is self-manifesting in every person everywhere. Being-fullness is becoming fully present within each person ‘just as they are’. In immanent mystical traditions there was no longer a Deity of Patriarchal Judgement or a Patriarchal Judgmental Entity. All Being as Being was Divine, just it is.

All Being and the Being of beings is Divine. This is a form of pantheism as Mipam the great 19th -20th century Dzogchen Philosopher describes. Pantheism does not mean Being is an entity. Being is not a being! Being self-manifests Being as beings, as entities.

The Guru also was no longer the Patriarchal Person of Absolute Knowing and Absolute Domination. The Guru was within everyone as their innermost awareness, within their innermost Being-fullness ‘just as they are.’ This same drama of the Guru being within every person was self-manifesting in and within 9th century Kashmir Shavism . The same drama of the Guru being within everyone as everyone was also manifesting a bit later in time within Islamic Sufism of Ibn Arabi.

The Language of The Guru as Alethea

The Guru is the very nature of our Being-fullness self-revealing in everyone, everywhere within their life experience. The Guru as Logos is the very nature of our luminous Being-fullness, the nature of our own innermost awareness. The nature of our innermost awareness is Luminous Being-fullness, luminous knowingness. The Guru is innately ontological self-revelation and not a Patriarchal Singular Person of Omniscient and Omnipotent power. The Guru is not a singular entity. Pure Being is not an entity. The Guru is within all persons as the nature of Primordial awareness, Primordial Being-fullness. The Guru is the profound Who-ness of Being-fullness. Who-ness is Formless awareness, Formless Knowingness. Who-ness is not an entity. Who-ness is not a thing, Who-ness is Formless Actuality. Who-ness is Formless Knowingness. Who-ness is Formless Being-fullness.

In the unfolding formulation of traditions of Immanence, the Guru is no longer a particular singular omniscient omnipotent Person who supposedly has absolute knowledge and absolute power. Rather the Guru is the ontological process of the self-revelation of Luminous Being-fullness within every person just as they are. The Guru is within everyone. The Logos is within everyone. The Guru is not a singular concrete person who has Absolute knowledge in their Patriarchal and Royalty Status. The Guru is the ontological power of self-revelation of Being-fullness within human beings.

The Guru is the unfolding process of self-revelation of Being and Being-fullness. The Guru is Alethea. Alethea is the experiential revelation of Being-fullness within human beings in and through their life events of Being’s self-manifestation.

This profound Dzogchen understanding of the Guru as self-revelation is the same understanding of Guru in Kashmir Shaivism. Kashmir Shaivism is the Hindu formulation of the Immanence of Luminous Being-fullness self- revealing through our life events. The contemporary meditation teacher of Kashmir Shaivism, Swami Muktananda taught this understanding of the Guru as Ontological source within us as us. All phenomena are the manifestation of Being-fullness.

The Text the “Supreme Source” is the Evolutionary Great Dzogchen Text of the 8th Century.

This understanding of the Guru Being the self -revelation of the self-manifestation of Being-fullness of Being within everyone as everyone is of the essence of the great Dzogchen 8th century text the Supreme Source. As Namkai Norbu Rinpoche, the contemporary independent Dzogchen teacher would so often suggest that the power of this evolutionary Dzogchen text cannot be underestimated. This text is the personification of ontological guru within everyone.

This early Dzogchen understanding empowered the 8th century Nyingma Tibetan village tradition in its luminous democratic self -manifestation of the Being-full experience of being free of the patriarchal monastic political drama and patriarchal hierarchal domination. The luminous Guru archetype became free of the ancient Patriarchal Domination and the corresponding master slave devotee relationship so completely dominant in India, the land of the distorting Eternal Caste system.

In the 10th and 11th century Indian Buddhists fled India and migrated to Tibet. They brought to Tibet their Transcendental practice and Transcendental prejudice. They created such traditions as Karma Kagu and others. The ancient Tibetan Tradition was called Nyingma Tradition and a central focus was Dzogchen. Dzogchen was well established in Tibet before the great transmigration of Indian Buddhists arrived in Tibet.

The Nyingma Dzogchen tradition was village and shamanistic based. Dzogchen as expressed in the 8th century text the Supreme source was a tradition of Immanence. The Guru Archetype became free of the Patriarchal Archetype, the Guru became free of Royalty. Spirituality became free of the Theocratic union of Royalty and Spirituality. The Primordial Guru became free of Political status and the status of Royalty. The Guru was within everyone whatever the caste. The Guru was our profound Who-ness of our Being-fullness as Pure Beingness.

Of course, this Patriarchal Guru master slave relationship remains in various Tibetan traditions. And of course, the caste systems are still eternally present in India. Being “Omnipotent and Omniscient” does have some wonderful political and financial advantages even today.


And of course, as we know Grandiosity is the most powerful and most distorting aspiration of human beings. Grandiosity is an essential element in Archetypal Patriarchal Existence. Grandiosity dominates many forms of religious experience, if not all forms of religious experience. Grandiosity is a form of Madness and a form of profound Narcissism. Through Grandiosity Equal Vision and Equality Consciousness is destroyed and human beings can become primitive predators.


It is so amazing that as the Guru Archetype is freed from Patriarchal dominance, the relationship of teacher and student became a relationship of sublime companionship of Equality Consciousness and Equal Vision. The relationship was about transmissional givenness and sublime meeting of Being-fullness within Being-fullness. The Dzogchen Tantric Dakini text of the Dark Mother elaborates that the embracing of the Being-fullness of the other, is the true Guru relationship in which we quickly become the Being-fullness of our own Being itself. We experience the Who-ness of our own Being-fullness, and we thus experience the primordial Who-ness that we are.

This transmission of the Being-fullness of Being is of the essence of the power of Guru relationship that self-manifests between and within the Equality consciousness and the love of the Guru within oneself and within the other. The Guru is the power of transmission and the power of experiencing and embracing the transmission of Luminous Being-fullness.


As Bodhidharma said in the 6th century “Beyond words and letters there is a transmission, this transmission does not belong to any tradition, it is the very nature of Human Awareness.” Human awareness is Human Being-fullness knowing Being-fullness”. Our awareness knows Being-fullness and our mind knows phenomena. When our mind and awareness are in Union, we can know phenomena and the Being of phenomena simultaneously. We can know duality within non duality and non-duality within duality.

The Union of Patriarchal Archetype and Archetypal Guru

The Transcendental traditions that experience the dissociative Being-lessness of ordinary phenomena, concealed the illuminative power of the Guru within their solipsistic Patriarchal Authoritarian leadership. When there is Archetypal union of the Archetypal Guru within the Patriarchal Archetype, this union hides and conceals the true nature of the Archetypal Guru as our personal unfolding of the self-revelation of our luminous Being-fullness. This Patriarchal - Guru union conceals the Who-ness of our Being-fullness as the Ground of Being-fullness.

Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivism carry within them the Power of democratic equality consciousness and democratic self-revelation and democratic Equal Vision of the Purity of Being-fullness. Self-liberation is no longer the Grandiose Aspiration of being the Absolute Knower of Absolute knowledge and Absolute Power that is both political and spiritual. Self-liberation is no longer the experience of Absolute Omniscience and Absolute Omnipotence. The theocratic union of Royalty and Spirituality is clearly cut through and deconstructed and dissolved within Dzogchen.

Of course, Transcendental Buddhists are profoundly uncomfortable with the luminous natural experience of Being-full immanence that is Dzogchen. Transcendental Buddhists are not comfortable with the Being-fullness of phenomena and the Being-fullness of Who-ness, the Being-fullness of Personhood. Buddhist philosophy as expressed by Gautama does not support Being or Being-fullness. Early Buddhist philosophy is Being-lessness.

Transcendental Buddhists are Being-less and Who-less. There is no personal self. There is no one here. There is no personal Who-ness here. There are no Being-full phenomena here. There is no Being-full world here. There is no Being-fullness here and now. This is a profoundly schizoid view and schizoid experience of human existence. This is the ongoing experience of Absence. Liberation through Absence.

The Truth of Actuality and The Truth of Voidness

Of course, this is not the truth of actuality, the truth of Being. Buddhists can live within their own Who-ness even though the Buddhist person denies their lived experience of self and their lived experience of phenomena. They do this through dissociative praxis. The Buddhist person through dissociative praxis experiences everything and everyone as a delusion.

The power of actuality is amazing. The Power of Actuality Brings us into Being and Being-fullness. Liberation through Being-fullness. Just as we are! Liberation through actuality, just as we are. Ah, The Bliss of Samadhi is the Bliss of the World.

The power of dissociative detachment dissociates us from the Being-fullness of our own Being and leaves us Beingless and leaves us within the VOID as Voidness. When we think the VOID is actuality and we think the VOID is reality we live ‘As If’. Life becomes a Pretense of Pretending. We pretend reality is unreal and we feel unreal. We think, actually think Non -Being is Reality. We think Absence is Reality and Reality is Absence.

Bewilderment and Illusion of Archetypal Confusion

This bewildering and confusing union of the Guru Archetype with the Patriarchal Archetype hides and conceals the natural path of self-liberation as Equality Consciousness and Equal Vision. In this distorted masochistic context of the Patriarchal Archetype, realization becomes the Imaginary drama of a person becoming omniscient and omnipotent. Realization is the becoming the One who knows Absolutely. Realization and the Authority of Realization is the theocratic reflection of the hierarchal union of spirituality and royalty.

Ah, so the Kingdom of God reigns on earth in the form of the Royal Kingly Guru. This is the very very old political story of the Divine Right of Kings. It is also the story of endless Religious Political Patriarchal Dictatorship. This illusion of Absolute Knowledge and Absolute Domination is the illusion of endless Grandiosity.

More Grandiosity

This is the Grandiose framing of human experience. This is Ma Rigpa. In Dzogchen this Ma Rigpa means stupidity or ignorance of Being-fullness. Ma Rigpa is the ignorance of Equality Consciousness and Equal Vision. Ma Rigpa reflects the Patriarchal Illusion of Absolute Knowledge and Absolute Domination by a human being. This Patriarchal Illusion is Spiritual Dictatorship.

In his great text the Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel masterfully elaborates and deconstructs the universal drama of the Master Slave experience as a function of collective dependence on a single Person who supposedly knows Absolutely. This is our human primordial ontological delusion.

Being-lessness as Schizoid Emptiness and Lack

This dissociative framing of human relationships brings forth schizoid and detachment trauma. This dissociative framing of human relationships brings forth the illusionary Being-lessness of human experience and the resulting schizoid emptiness of the Being-lessness person, the self-less person. This dissociative framing of human relationship brings forth the agony that Gautama experienced and described as “All Life is Suffering.” It is completely true that without Being-fullness, all life is suffering. Without Who-ness, all life is suffering and meaningless. Being-fullness is Meaning-fullness. Being-lessness is Meaning-lessness.

The Ontological Illusion of Who-ness and Phenomena

This negation of the Being-fullness of phenomena and the Being-fullness of human Who-ness is a profound ontological distortion and psychologically a distortion of human reality and human experience. This view is the profoundly schizoid experience of emptiness, the emptiness of person, the emptiness of family, the emptiness of love and the emptiness of the meaningfulness of this world. Gautama’s view reflected his own personality and his own personal Beingless limitations. Or as is so often said The World is as You see it.

Without Being-fullness, without Who-ness, there is no Love. There is no lover. There is no beloved. There is only the emptiness of Being-lessness. The Voidness of Being-lessness. This is a life of objectified transactional relatedness. Schizoid Existence is the experiential voidness of self and the voidness of Being-fullness of phenomena and the voidness of action.

Both Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivism and Ontological Phenomenology bring forth the seeds of democratic Equality consciousness and democratic Equal Vision. This democratic view of Equal Vision and Equality Consciousness was and is still profoundly threatening view to the Hierarchal Patriarchal Bound Beingless person, the Who-less person in this Who-less world.

Realization As Omniscience and Omnipotence

Realization for many eastern traditions had become the drama of the domination of a would-be Absolute Knower and would be Absolute Authority. Obedience and Submission becomes the path of self-liberation. Domination of the One Who Knows Absolutely and submission of the devoted devotee becomes the path of self- liberation. This Grandiose Patriarchal view is both a political, ontological and psychological aberration.

This Patriarchal view is not ontologically or experientially truthful. This view is an ontological distortion and psychological distortion. This psychological delusion reflects the infantile need for the omniscient Patriarchal Father Imago. You will find this desperate infantile need in authoritarian personalities and their dependent infantile followers. The Patriarchal view distorts character. The Authoritarian Personality is character distorted, and the dependent followers of the Authoritarian Personality become in time distorted and Fixated on The One Who Knows Absolutely.

The Authoritarian Patriarchal Persona

The followers of the Authoritarian Patriarchal Person reflect an infantile desperation which is manifested by their foundational lack of Being-fullness. Our embodied Being-fullness is our profound Who-ness and is our ongoing continuity of our Being-full self, life after life and death after death.

This foundational lack is not simply psychological but is an ontological lack, and in essence ontological terror and collapse. This desire for the omnipotent and omniscient Patriarchal Father often reflects the deeper and profound absence of the mother and endless sense of mother-lessness and the consequent endless lack of Being-fullness. This experience of Being-lessness and meaninglessness can be re-enacted spiritually, re-enacted psychologically and re-enacted politically.

Profound Truth of The Guru

The Patriarchal Guru is a distortion of the profound truth of the Guru, the truth of the Logos, the truth of the self-revelation of Being-fullness within us as us. Look around and you will see this distorted configuration in both western and eastern religious institutions and traditions at this very time and in this very moment.

As the wonderful Dali Lama said in Washington DC not too many years ago, Lama-ism will destroy Tibetan Buddhism. Lama-ism is the practice of would-be omnipotence and would be omniscience and the corresponding submission of devoted students to fascistic authority hidden under the drama of the Lama as personal Guru.

Rather than being the source of self- liberation the Guru Archetype in union with the Patriarchal Archetype invokes the absolute domination of the Master Slave relationship as the path of self-liberation. A true contradiction! Slavery and Obedience as the doorway to self-liberation!

As the Dali Lama said “I am the Dali Lama. I do not know everything. I am not omniscient, and I cannot do everything. I am not omnipotent. Most of all, I do like that so many people love me.”

Guru As Means

Guru Upaya means the Guru as means. Guru as means actually means the direct self- revelation of Being-fullness within oneself and within one’s life. ‘Just as one is.’ This is the ontological understanding of Guru Upaya.

In the Archetypal Patriarchal Guru configuration, Guru Upaya means obedience and submission to the Personal Patriarchal Guru. Again, this means self-liberation through obedience and submission to Patriarchal Authority of Absolute knowledge and Absolute Power. This distortion of Ontological Truth hides and conceals the Archetypal Guru as the logos of our self-revelation of our unfolding Being-fullness of our Being and within our own Being.

The Guru Patriarchal Persona often becomes a petty politician dominating desperate human beings in its singular personification of omniscient theocratic royalty formulated in so many spiritual theocratic traditions. The omnipotent omniscient infallibility claim of the Catholic Papacy is one example among many examples of theocratic would-be omniscience and would be omnipotence. Every Religious tradition has its own singular formulation of omnipotence and omniscience.

In summary, this paper, elaborates the bewildering confusion of the ancient union of the archetypal Guru and Archetypal Patriarchal Authority Institutionalized as The One who knows Absolutely and the corresponding master slave relationship collectively institutionalized. This bewildering confusion lessened and weakened as the change from the focus being within the Transcendental Path to the focus being within the Path of Immanence. Dzogchen is the experience of the Existential Path of Immanence.

This liberation of the Guru Archetypal dimension from the Patriarchal Archetypal Realm frees the Liberating Power of the Guru from the Patriarchal Prison and the endless illusion of the One who Knows Absolutely. This liberation of the Guru as within our own innermost self (Who-ness) also frees us from the Master Slave experience of domination and submission as the doorway to experience of self-liberation.

Of course, I thank my teachers of Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivism, and Daoist Qi Gong who have continuously taught me this liberating understanding about the nature of the Guru and the nature of Phenomena and the nature of Who-ness. They all taught through companionship and within companionship. They all taught through and within Equality Consciousness and Equal Vision.


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The All Creating Source of Kunjed Gyalpo

There are a number of translations with different titles of this 8th Century text. The All Creating Source.

1. The Supreme Source Translated by Namkai Norbu and Adriano Clemente Snow Lion Press 1999.

2. The Sovereign All Creating Mind. The Motherly Buddha by E,K. Neumaier-Dargyay. Suny Series.

3. The All Creating King by Christopher Wilkinson 2019

4. The Kunjeed Gyalpo Series, Translated by James Valby, Shelburne Falls,Ma. This is series is both a complete translation and commentary.

These are great translations with different nuances.

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