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The Generational Transmission of Trauma and The Terror of Trauma: A Phenomenology of Terror

A Paper in Honor of Erving Polster, Ph. D


By Rudolph Bauer, Ph. D Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, A.B.P.P.


The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies and The Washington Center for International Phenomenological Consultation


Beyond Doubt, Trauma and the Internalization of Trauma and The Terror of Trauma is continuously transferred from one person to another person and from one generation to another generation and from one culture to another culture.

There is this Collective Transmission of Terror from one Culture to Another Culture, and there is this Generational Transmission from one generation to another generation and there is this Personal Transmission from one person to another person. The Transmission of Trauma is the endless Dramatic Dynamic of Transmission of Terror. Terror and the Trauma of Terror are intimately and intrinsically related. In a way you cannot have one without the other. Terror and Trauma are intimately related.

The Transmission of Terror and the Transmission of the Trauma of Terror is not incidental and not accidental. Transmission is of the Essence of the Pervasive Energy of Terror. The Energy Field of Terror Spreads! The Energy of Field of Terror spreads pervasively. Terror involves the Energetic Dimension of Human Beings. Terror is not simply a self-contained psychological event or behavioral event.

Ontic Ontological Experience

The Trauma of Terror and the Transmission of Terror is an Ontic Ontological Event. This language of Ontic Ontological means Terror is both Psychological and Ontological.  Ontic is psychological. Ontological means our experience of our Being- fullness and our Being- lessness is deeply involved within the Experience of Terror.


 In the Traumatic Experience of Terror our very sense our Being and our Being-fullness can be lost, and we can experience a profound sense of   Being-lessness and a profound sense of Emptiness and a profound sense of Voidness. Emptiness of Being and Pervasive Voidness reflects our experience of our continuous Absence of Being and Absence of Being-fullness. Our Absence of Being and our Absence of Self is intimately related. Our inner most sense of Self and our inner most sense of Being are intimately related and actually are the same profound experience. Our Being manifests in us and within us as our Being full, sense of Self.

Trauma is both destructive of our personal sense of Being and Trauma is simultaneously destructive of our Personal Psychology of Mind. The Terror of Trauma destroys our embodiment of mind and destroys our embodiment of Being. Trauma is not simply a bad memory as some simplistically think.  This simplistic approach to Trauma as a bad memory is profoundly simplistic and distorted.

The Traumatic experience destroys structures of our mind and structures of our embodiment of Being and Being fullness. Sometimes the structure of our mind is languaged as our Ego Functions such a thinking function, memory function, impulse function, boundary functions etc.


Terror is an experience that disintegrates our sense of Being and disintegrates our psychological sense of personal self. Trauma inflicts   profound and pervasive sense of Terror within our mind and the Terror inflicts disintegration and fragmentation within our embodied experience of our mind. Terror directly disintegrates and fragments our intrinsic and innate sense of Being and Being full Self.

Terror fragments and dissociates our embodiment of mind and Terror fragments and dissociates our sense of embodied Being and embodied Being-fullness. Terror fragments our experience of our ongoing continuity of our innate sense of self in Time as well as our ongoing   continuity sense of our integrated mind-body relationship. Terror fragments our mind-body relationship. Terror fragments our sense of Being in this world.

Terror is the Horrific Dark Force of Being-lessness in and of the world. Terror is both intimately personal, and Terror is pervasively cosmological. Terror embodies a sense of never-ending darkness of Infiniteness. This Energy of Terror can become Personalized and Internalized and Contained as and within a singular State of Mind, or as and within a singular Ego State, or as and within a Singular Internalized Object Relationship, or as or within a Singular Part of our mind and as or within our Innermost Parts of our personhood.

 In the containment of Terror within particular parts of our self or within our particular states of mind, when the ego state or part is activated, we are then overwhelmed by the experience of the Sea of Terror.

This elaboration of fragmentation in various different psychological languages describes the phenomena of Terror becoming a contained experience deep within us as a foundational hidden part or a hidden state and when activated by experience that re -invokes  the  traumatic experience this reinvocation  is intensely powerful and  feels  vast in its horizons and feels completely  disabling as if the event is again taking place, completely taking place in the immediacy of the present moment.

 Terror and our experience of Terror is most often beyond words and beyond letters and beyond our speech and beyond   meaning and meaningfulness. Terror is a horrific non conceptual and pre-reflective experience and at times a preverbal experience that creates havoc within our mind-body relationship and challenges our sense of Stability and Sanity.

 The Pervasive Energy of Terror cannot be contained within us, and the Energy of Terror can organize our personal experience of our world; and the Energy of Terror can profoundly organize our personal experience of each other. This pervasive sense of Terror can be transferred from one person to another and from one group to another group. The pervasive sense of Terror can be transferred from one culture to another culture.


The Energy of Terror can and does become Permanent within us; permanent within our families and permanent within our culture. Our experience of Terror organizes us experientially, symbolically and relationally to and within our world. Terror can permanently organize our experience of our self and our world and our experience of others.

Terror can dominate our experience both of birth and of death. Terror destroys Eros, destroys our Life Force. Terror can destroy Love. Terror can destroy love of our self and our love for each other. Terror can destroy our love of the world.

Terror can dominate our ordinary life world, and Terror can even dominate the Archetypal dimension of our lived experience of our Innermost Psyche. The archetypal energetic dimension of Terror can invade and invalidate our ordinary life experience of our humanness. Terror is completely at home in the archetypal realm of Being and Being-fullness. The Archetypal Dimension of Terror and the Trauma of Terror as culturally experienced and culturally understood can bring forth unbearable realms of implicit and explicit Terror that is beyond the bounds our sense of personal humanness and personal human safety.


In a series of interviews with a famous Brazilian Shaman, I was once   told that The Secret of Shamanism is our capacity “to hold both Terror and the Light of Awareness simultaneously and bringing the experience of Terror and the experience of the Light of Awareness together”.

This amazing statement does describe the luminous power of our personal ontic ontological human field of primordial embodied   Luminous awareness to metabolize traumatic experience and to metabolize the Terror of traumatic events. Without the metabolization of Traumatic experience and the metabolization of the Terror of Traumatic Experience, the Trauma of Terror will continue to Spread within us and around us, and through us. Terror is not simply the memory of a specific event. Terror is an ontic ontological experience wherein our field of Being and Being- fullness is fragmented, distorted or even destroyed. Ontic means psychological and ontological means involving our embodied sense of Being and embodied sense of   Being-fullness.

Terror is not simply a psychological memory contained within mind and the memory of mind; Terror is a profound ontological experience that reorganizes our Being in the World. Terror and The Trauma of Terror is not merely a memory Problem, Terror destroys our Being-fullness of the world and our Being-fullness in the world.

There is Transmission of the Trauma of Terror into The World; From   Person to Person; From Generation to Generation; and From Culture to Culture!

We internalized Terror and the Trauma of Terror and in time and over time play out and re-enact these terrifying internalizations of the event of Terror into our world. The Power of the Relational Internalized Transmission of Terror can never, never be underestimated. The Trauma of Terror is both a psychological event and a Profound Ontological Human Field Energetic Event.

The Field of Terror is Profoundly Intimate and Profoundly Pervasive. The field of Terror is never contained within the Traumatic Event. The Field of Terror expands beyond the Traumatic even both within us and around us. Terror and the Trauma of Terror is an ontic ontological event and experience. Ontic is our lived psychological experience and ontological is our lived experience within the Realm of Being and Being-fullness and Being-lessness,


 Metabolization of Trauma and The Terror of Trauma

The above Shamanistic Instructions are similar instructions to The Ancient Dzogchen Masters such as Longchenpa and the Contemporary Dzogchen Masters such as Namkai Norbu Rinpoche and Lama Wangdor, Lama Tharchin and Lama Norhla. Similarly these Dzogchen instructions about  integrating the  Light of Awareness of Our Mind  into the Luminous Embodied Light of our Primordial Direct Knowing of Being-fullness  also reflects the dramatic experiential understanding of  the Kashmir Shavite Masters such as Swami Muktananda and Abinavagupta  who manifest and who  speak about the power of  our Primordial Non Conceptual Luminous Embodied Awareness to Metabolize the Traumatic Experience of Terror and the Traumatic Events of Terror. The Intensity of Luminous Embodied Awareness reflects the Intensity Teachings of Dzogchen as elaborated by early Dzogchen teachers such as Padmashambava, Longchenpa.

In the 11 century AD, the great Dzogchen Master Rongzompa elaborated that not only was our natural personal primordial non conceptual field of awareness direct perception or direct knowingness of Being and Being-fullness  or Gnosis  or Jnana, but the power of awareness  is our personal non conceptual experience of Being and this power of Being-full awareness has the  ontic ontological power of the metabolization of experience. This process of the metabolization of the vast range of experience is the innate intrinsic power of self- Liberation that we are all given.

Moreover, our Primordial Awareness of Being and as Being has the profound power of the metabolization of our experience of the Traumatic event, but our personal Primordial Awareness Being-full field has the profound power for the metabolization of Traumatic Terror.

 Metabolization means we can digest and assimilate Trauma and the Terror of Trauma because of the power of our Foundational Primordial Being-full Awareness to metabolize experience and the vast forms of experience.  The embodiment of the Energy of Primordial Cosmological Timeless Awareness in Time is the Alchemical Process of Metabolization and Self liberation.

In this metabolization process of Being-full awareness and this Power of our Being-full Field of Luminous Being-full Awareness and not simply our mentalistic deconstruction of traumatic experience and the Being-full deconstruction of the forms of Pure Terror which is Being-full and not simply psychological. What is paradoxical is that we become more able to gather more Light, and more Energy from our lived experience of Trauma and the Terror of Trauma. In this profound way every experience and all experience are usable forms of self-liberation.

This is not easy to understand by those who judge endlessly right and wrong, good and evil, truth and falsity and better and best. This is not easy to understand by those who judge endlessly everything as either pure and non-pure or impure.  You will probably not understand these words as you are reading them. Self-liberation for so many people and so many religions, is the drama of submitting to the concrete operational superego, and perceiving the voice of the superego as the voice of Divinity who is dressed in the outfit of the almighty and ever-present Judge. Yes, God is the Judge and Here comes the Judge!

Or another way of understanding this God as this personification Judge Drama is Our Super ego as Judge and our Superego as Godlike Judgmental- ness.  And moreover, for so many, their Superego as Super Judge of right and wrong and good and evil and better and best and even truth and falsity.


 Metabolization is not simply the mentalization of experience, but Metabolization has the implication of the Being-full power of digestion and Being-full power of assimilation so that we can use, assimilate and metabolize the energy of all experience both from within the experience of the good and within our experience of the horrible. Metabolization is power of our psychological ontological archetypal alchemical Process. Metabolization is actually an Existential Being and Being-full experience. Metabolization takes us beyond our Mentalization of experience. Mentalization is experience becoming articulated as thoughts and the Language of Thought.


Metabolization Within Phenomenological Psychotherapy Is a Metabolization Being-full process and Within Meditation Metabolization is Being-full Process.  And with Primordial Awareness Metabolization is a Being full Process. Our Growing up from childhood into adulthood is a process of the Unfolding of Primordial Awareness and the Primordial Process of Metabolization of experience.

Our basic sense of Being-full Self is process of the Unfolding of Primordial Awareness and the Primordial Process of Metabolization. The Metabolization process is both the Natural Process of living and the Natural Process of Self Liberation.

 In Traditional   Experiential Psychotherapy such as Experiential Existential Psychoanalysis and Experiential Gestalt Psychotherapy, Erving and Miriam Polster focused on this power of experiential awareness to metabolize horrific experience both of the present moment, and of the historical past. The Skillful Means of primordial awareness was explicitly emphasized within their most wonderful gestalt experiential work. They emphasized the awareness of mind as not having the same luminous energetic metabolizing power as our foundational embodied experiential Being-full Embodied Awareness. Our mentalistic mind can only metabolize only so much traumatic   experience and then our mentalistic mind slowly closes down and even collapses. Awareness is an embodied Being-full Experience. Awareness is not a mentalistic experience; awareness is an embodied phenomenological experience.

Dissociation and Dissociative Transcendental Process Dominates and precludes and interferes in the most profound ways our Naturalistic Metabolizing Experience. Dissociation and the Dissociative Transcendental Process is the Existential Opposite of Metabolization of Experience as the path to self-liberation.  Transcendental Self liberation is not at all the same experience as the Profound Embodiment of Self liberation through the power of Metabolization. Transcendental self-liberation is a Beingless Experience and the self-liberation through our metabolization of our embodied lived experience is completely and fully Being-full, Luminous Being-fullness.

Erving Polster the great master of Gestalt Psychotherapy constantly made the distinction between the limited and limiting narrow awareness’ of mind and the deeply embodied powerful field of Awareness of Being. Awareness is Beings Knowing of Being. This understanding is intrinsic to many Existential Phenomenologist as well Existential Psychoanalysis such as Michael Eigen.


Eugene Gendlin of The University of Chicago who helped create newer forms of   phenomenological psychotherapy also focused on the awareness experience of the immediate felt sense of traumatic experience of Terror. Gendlin focused on the embodied state of experiential awareness of the felt sense of phenomena in contrast to the form of awareness of mind alone which was more cognitive than experiential. There is an awareness of mind alone that knows phenomena and there is the primordial awareness of Being that knows Being and Being-fullness of phenomena.

The Felt Sense of awareness that Eugene Gendlin brilliantly illuminates is not the simple focused attention of our mentalistic cognitive mind but rather the experience is of profound open focus of primary or foundational or primordial knowing or direct experience as non- conceptual pre-reflecting knowing. Maurice Merleau Ponty phenomenology work is completely focused on this form of pre-reflective experiential non conceptual experiential preconceptual knowing. This is the knowing of the felt sense, the felt sense of lived experience of phenomena and the Felt Sense of the Being of the Phenomena.

In thinking and understanding of Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivism, this primordial knowing is called Gnosis or Jnana. This primordial knowing is pre reflective, pre conceptual and Being-full Direct knowing of Being By Being.  When Heidegger would speak about Human Dasein Knowing Being, he was speaking about primordial non conceptual pre reflective awareness knowing Being as Being knowing Being. Yes, our Primordial Awareness is Our Being Knowing Being. Awareness is the Power of Being Knowing and Metabolizing Being-full experience. Awareness is not a cognitive mentalistic alone experience.

In Dzogchen tradition our mind knowing phenomena is Sems and our Being-full awareness Knowing Being is Semde. There is this most important distinction between the knowing of mind {Sems} and the Knowing of our primordial awareness (Semde) is the Knowing of Being. This Essential DISTINCTION is also made in Contemporary Phenomenology.

 Better said Semde is primordial awareness which is Being’s knowing of Being. When sems which is the knowing of our mind knowing phenomena is integrated within Semde, when our awareness of mind is integrated within our primordial awareness of Being, then within this union we can know the Being of phenomena and the phenomena of Being. We can directly experience the Being of our own Being and we can experience the Being of beings and the Being of the world.


 Existential Psychoanalyst such as Winnicott, Michael Eigen, Austin Deslaurier and many other experts of Experiential Existential Psychoanalysis studied   the power of our embodied experiential metabolization of our directly Being-full lived experience rather the metabolization of the ideation of our mind alone. Metabolization is necessary for the dissolving of traumatic experience as well as the assimilation and deeply felt sense of pleasurable experience.

 There is recent text “Lost and Metabolization” by the Tavistock group that elaborates this unfolding history of the Experience of Metabolization of Loss in contemporary psychoanalytic thinking.

 In clinical hypnosis sophisticated hypnotherapist such as Ernest Rossi and Milton Erickson emphasize the power of experiential metabolization in the forms of our Naturalistic Trances States.  The metabolization power of the fully embodied trance was the Intensity and complete absorption of the Being-full Trance State. The more powerful the Trance, the more powerful the Being-full metabolization of traumatic experience.

The trance state is experientially more Being- full and thus more powerful than the mentalistic understanding and talking about the trauma alone.  Many do not know the most important distinction between the experience of primordial Being-full awareness and the mentalistic experience of the mind. This is the most important experiential distinction to become skillful in the integration of our mind into and within our primordial Knowingness.

 Many people never will experience the power of the metabolization that can take place within primordial awareness because they are only located in mind alone. Mind does have metabolization process but is more contained and very much limited than the powerful embodied metabolization of our Primordial Luminous Awareness. Many consider awareness as simply a cognitive form of focused attention and the focus of cognitive attention. This attention, this cognitive attention is not the direct experiencing of the non-conceptual experiential embodied knowing of Being-full Awareness. Our sense of primary self is our sense of primordial awareness which is our primary sense of self. Our cognitive mind is not our primary and primordial sense of self.

Yes, there is a mentalistic cognitive awareness like focusing mentally and there is this embodied Being-full Non-Conceptual Awareness that is and has within it the power of metabolization. The metabolization of our mind is much limited in its metabolization capacity. The power of metabolization takes place fully within the non-conceptual field of Direct Primordial Awareness often called Yeshe, or Gnosis or even Semde.

The mental and mentalistic understanding of Trauma and the Cognitive understanding of Trauma does not free us from the experienced of the foundational Terror of Trauma. The lived intensity of the experience of the Being-full Metabolization of Terror of Trauma does free us of The Terror of Trauma and the Trauma of Terror. Terror is a Being-less Experience.


Our mind and our psychology of mind has power for the metabolization of psychological experience. However, for Trauma and Terror of trauma, the embodied power of our primordial embodied field of primordial awareness is dramatically able to metabolize Terror and Trauma of Terror. 

Metabolization takes place in the light of the Powerful luminous Energy of Primordial Awareness by bringing forth the power of embodied primordial awareness or Pure Primordial Consciousness.  In Dzogchen the Mind of metabolization is called sems and the power of Primordial Being-full awareness to metabolize horrific traumatic experience including the experience of terror itself is called semde.

There is awareness of mind alone and then there is the bringing forth of primordial non conceptual foundational Primordial Awareness that is multidimensional and infinite in its horizons. This Primordial Awareness is the power of Primordial Consciousness, the Power of Primordial Being-fullness. Consciousness is Being and Being-fullness. Our mind is mentalistic and conceptualistic psychology.  Our mind knows phenomena and our Primordial Awareness knows Being. Our Primordial Foundational Awareness is Luminous Energetic Being and Being-fullness   that Metabolizes our Lived Experience of Phenomena and the Being of Phenomena, including Terror and the Trauma of Terror.

This understanding is based upon the profound difference between our mind that knows phenomena, and our primordial foundational Being-full Awareness or Consciousness that experientially knows Being and the Being-fullness of Phenomena.  Terror is not simply a psychological ontic event. Terror is an Ontological Experience of Being-lessness, Voidness and profound Emptiness of Being-full Experience. Terror creates the horror of Being-lessness and Voidness- less and non-existence.

Sems is our mental knowingness of Mind, Semde is our Being-full Knowingness of Being which is the Being and Being-fullness of Awareness.


This Primary or Primordial Awareness is this experiential manifestation of Consciousness is actually Being knowing Being. This important and dramatic distinction is little known and even if known not necessarily realistically experientially known. Our power of the invocation of primordial foundational consciousness or foundational awareness is not practiced everywhere and at times almost practiced nowhere.

 Many people live in their mind alone. Most people live within an Exoteric Consciousness. Many people who meditate enter transcendental meditative dissociative states of experience that have little if any power of metabolization.

Dissociative States are not states of metabolization. They are states of detachment and states of Being- lessness or states of Emptiness or states of Voidness, or states of Absence. Many Transcendental forms of Meditation are Dissociative in method. And thus, the experiential results are Emptiness, Voidness and Absence. These transcendental traditions transcend and go beyond phenomena.

There are forms of embodied meditation that embody Primordial Awareness and embody our Primordial Knowingness of Being and our experience of the Being of Phenomena. The power of Dzogchen Meditation is the power of the metabolization of experience and within this metabolization of experience, more energy and more light and more Being-fullness arises within our experience and within our embodiment of our experience of phenomena. Dzogchen does not transcend phenomena but experiences phenomena as consciousness as phenomena as Being-fullness.

In the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism as articulated by Abinivagupata and in contemporary times Swami Muktananda, the focus on the power of metabolization of experience and the power of digesting or metabolizing experience and bringing forth more energy, more luminous and purer Being-full Embodied Knowing of direct non conceptual Awareness.


Transitional Space of Awareness is Primordial Experiential Non-Conceptual Knowingness. Dzogchen meditation and the Kashmir Shaivite Meditation are very similar. The embodied forms of phenomenological meditation are completely similar to both Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivite Meditation.


Donald Winnicott in his discovery and elaboration of Transitional Space of Awareness as Potential Space was entering into and discovering his form of the elaboration of Primordial Awareness as Transitional Consciousness into Contemporary Psychoanalytic Relational Thinking and Existential Psychotherapy.

Winnicott and other existential psychoanalysis such as R.D. Laing brought the experience of Being in Psychoanalysis. They brought and integrated ontology and psychology together. Human Beings are Ontic Ontological beings.

In bringing Transitional Awareness into psychotherapy and psychoanalysis Winnicott was also opening the experience of Being and Being-fullness as being an intimate dimension of our embodied awareness. When asked when does a baby have a permanent sense of self, Winnicott answered by saying when the baby has an ongoing sense of their Being and Being-fullness. 

Yes, there is a cognitive mentalistic psychological knowing and there this Primary non- conceptual Knowing or Primordial Knowing or Being-full knowing that is non- conceptual pre-reflective and embodied Being-full knowing that knows directly Subtle Being-full experience and Metabolizes Phenomena and the Being and Being-fullness of Phenomenological Experience.

 This Primordial Awareness is an Energetic Dimension of Luminous Knowingness. In the 11 century the great Dzogchen Master Rongzompa described how this Gnosis or Jnana was not only this direct non- conceptual knowing of Being and the Phenomena of Being but also this Gnosis or Jnana was the power of the Metabolization of Being-full experience and through this metabolization more light, and more energy are assimilated into the Human Being and the Consciousness of the Human Being.

Winnicott would also call this Transitional Space of Awareness as this intermediate area of experience between reality and fantasy, between real and our inner internalizations. This is the Space of Direct Knowingness and the Space of Metabolization of Experience and The Space of Creativity and Self Manifestation of Being and Being-fullness. This Space is the Space of Potential Being and Being-fullness.

Through this Space the Multidimensionality of Awareness Field can be entered into and experienced. The Multidimensionality of Being can be experienced as Ordinary life world, as the Archetypal manifestation of Energy and As Primordial Creative Luminous Source.


The Intensity of The Energetic Dimensions of Trauma and Terror 


There are different Intensity dimensions of Trauma and the Terror of Trauma. There is a Trauma that reflects random and unintentional events of traumatic experience that creates intense anxiety and intense fear. 

Then, there is the Trauma not simply of fear and intense anxiety and intense concern but the Horrific Trauma of Terror and the Trauma of Being Terrified and Being Fragmented Endlessly and Seemingly Forever and Ever. The Experience of Terror becomes an endless Timeless Experience of Horror.

The Power of our entering into the Presence of Timeless Awareness in Time can actually metabolize The Time-less Emptiness and Timeless Voidness, and the Timeless Absence that seems Beyond Time. The True Power of Timeless Awareness in Time is to Actually Metabolize Terror, in the Cosmological Energetic Light of Primordial Being-full Embodied Luminous Awareness, Luminous Consciousness.

 Longchenpa the great 14th century master of Dzogchen would always emphasize that Primordial Awareness is both the union of Light and Energy that brings forth the power of Metabolization. The Shaivites would call this Luminous Metabolizing Energy “Shakti.”


Terror as the Destroyer of Psyche

The Horrific Drama of Terror destroys our Affective experience of our Self and our Cognitive States of Mind. The Horrific Drama of Terror can profoundly limit and fragment our capacity for the Symbolization of our lived experience. Because of this Fragmentation of Symbolization of our lived experience, the Horrific Trauma of Terror can destroy our innermost sense of the meaningfulness of our living and lived   experience.



Terror as The Destroyer of Meaning Making

The Trauma of Terror can destroy our Meaning Making functions. The Trauma of Terror destroys meaning, nullifies meaning and negates meaning. The Magnificent work of Eugene Gendlin and Erving Polster focus on this capacity of Terror in destroying Human Meaning and Meaning Making. The personal language of our meaningful expression of traumatic experience is dramatically important in bringing meaning into our living experience.

Meaning and the experience of Meaning Making is destroyed and erased from within the Human Being though the Ontic Ontological experience of Terror. Terror is not simply Psychological, but Terror is the Ontological Being-less Experience that fragments our sense of Being and fragments our embodiment of Being. Terror destroys our ongoing sense of our ongoing continuity of Being and Being-fullness.


The Felt Sense as Direct Non- Conceptual Knowing of Experience!

Terror can interrupt our language capacity in our experiential articulation of the felt sense of the terrifying and horrifying experience. Without the languaging of traumatic experience in some form of both verbal and non-verbal expression and formulation, the traumatic experience cannot be transformed and creatively metabolized.

 Eugene Genelin’s work on the phenomenology of our experientially felt near articulation of the felt sense of the experience of phenomena and the Being-fullness of Phenomena is most useful in our understanding of transforming and metabolization of traumatic unbearable experience.

 The relentless Terror of Trauma requires the experiential metabolization of trauma and we can metabolize terror in and through our Primordial Awareness of and as Being-fullness. We both personally and collectively can recover our embodied sense of Being and Being-fullness and our sense of completeness of self and our embodiment of self.

Of course, in this understanding “two awarenesses” are better than one as the great Gestalt Psychotherapist Erving Polster would so often say. We enter the field of awareness with each other and together we metabolized the traumatic experience within the powerful energy and light of our mutually joined Awareness Fields.


Demonic Monster States and The Manifestation of Terror

 Within human beings, there are Inner States or Inner Parts that can become Monster like and Who Imposes Terror on Everyone and Everything. These monster states are often the experience of our traumatic internalizations or introjects of traumatic experience and the internalizations of the person or persons who inflicted the Horrific Traumatic Experience.

Being Terrified can a bring forth within us these Inner Monster Ego States or Inner Parts that Experience and Create and Impose Terror on anyone or everyone including the most innocent. To Terrify and Horrify the Innocent is especially Monstrous and Compellingly Demonic.

Becoming a Monster of Terror is truly compelling and can lock us within the experience of the Unbound Grandiosity of Cruelty.  The experience of Terror can awaken within us the compelling desire to impose Terror on others endlessly and this desire can be intensely Grandiose and intensely Narcistic and can become an intensely compelling Primitive Animal like Madness of Vicious Destruction and painful domination,

This Grandiose and Intensely Narcissistic experience can be truly Demonic. By Demonic I mean Demon like in the self-manifestation of Terror and Endless Agony.   Read the newspaper today and you will see this demonic animal like drama being played out somewhere today in the world endlessly.

 Demonic means and Symbolizes the Endless Imposition of endless Terror on the innocent that is horrifically Terrified in the Grandiosity of Domination and Torture and the Annihilation of the Pure Goodness of Being and Being-fullness within human beings. The Demonic reflects the definitely Monstrous and Perverse Grandiosity of Domination of human beings over other human beings.

Actually, as Dudjom Lingpa the great Dzogchen Master of Dzogchen and the Shaivite Master Swami Muktananda would both say, human beings can become animal-like as their minds are possessed by Endless Grandiosity and Endless Illusion of Omnipotence and endless Illusionary Omniscience. They become Beast like in their minds and their mind is no longer the mind of the ordinary human beings. Human beings can easily lose their human mind through the drama of Grandiosity, often experienced as omnipotence and omniscience becoming the Demonic Beast Like Monster Minds who love Torture. The experience of endless Grandiosity is Torture. The more innocent the victim the more omnipotent the Sadistic domination and destruction of the self of the innocent being.

Religions often foster the illusion of omnipotence and omniscience in their illusionary descriptions of realization and self-liberation. As the wonderful Dali Lama once said in Washington, DC when he was challenging this illusion of liberation through omnipotence and liberation through omniscience drama, “I am the Dali Lama, and I do not know everything, and I cannot do everything. I do love that people love me.”  He continued saying “The Patriarchal-ness of the Tibetan Lamas will destroy Tibetan Buddhism.”


Timelessness and Terror

 Terror destroys our thinking function; Terror destroys our feeling function; and Terror destroys our relational function. Naturally and intrinsically Terror can destroy our Being and Being-fullness. Terror is not simply Psychological Terror, as Terror is also Ontolgoical. Terror is Being-lessness destroying Being. Terror is Timeless and Terror destroys even our sense of our unfolding experience of Time and our sense of Time including our sense of past, our sense of the present and most horrifically our sense of the future. For so many who suffer endless Terror there is no Future Time perspective within and after the horrific experience of Terror.

Terror destroys our Time Perspective of Past, of the Present and of the Future. The Timeless experience of Terror destroys our sense of our embodiment of Time. In a horrific way the terrified person may live only in the captivating experience of Terror and does not live in the past and does not live in the present and does not live in the Future. There is no place to live for the person who is completely living within the Realm of Terror. The person in Terror becomes Placeless and Timeless in The Ontological Realm of Terror.

The person in Terror often lives within the ongoing sense of Terror and lives in Timelessness and outside of the unfolding of Time. This Timelessness is not the liberating Timelessness of Timeless Awareness and Timeless Being-fullness. Timeless Awareness and Timeless Being-fullness is self-liberation. Timeless Awareness and Timeless Being-fullness metabolizes Terror and The Trauma of Terror. Being Timeless Awareness liberates us from Terror and the Trauma of Terror. Timeless Awareness is Ontological Being and Being-fullness and the Power of Ontological Metabolization.


This Timelessness of Terror is never ending Voidness, never ending Emptiness of Being-lessness and the never-ending sense of embodied Deadness. Everlasting Terror is endless.  Living Within Meaning-lessness and living As Meaning-lessness without future, or without past and without the Present of Presence is living in the Terror of Absence, Absolute Absence.

 Horrific Unbound Timeless Terror destroys our capacity to think, destroys our capacity to feel our own felt sense of our experience and the phenomena of experience. Timeless Terror destroys our object relational capacity. Horrific Terror destroys our knowingness of Personhood and our knowingness of our innermost self. Timeless Terror destroys our direct knowingness of our Being and the Being fullness of others. Terror Destroys Dasein. Terror can destroy our Direct knowing of Being and Being- fullness.

Terror destroys dramatically our sense of the Being- fullness of Others. Terror can destroy even our experience of the Being fullness of Nature. Terror brings forth a Beingless State within this Beingless world. Terror brings forth a pervasive sense of Beingless Deadness. Terror destroys the Eros of our Life Force. Terror destroys the Energy of Being and the Energy of Being- fullness. Terror destroys our ongoing Continuity of Being and Being fullness.

Horrific Terror destroys our Being in the world and locks us seemingly forever and ever in the Horrific Schizoid and Autistic like Solipsistic States of Isolated and Isolating existence. In a horrific Way there is no longer Otherness or even Who-ness of and within our Person or within the Person of Others. Terror destroys Personal Who-ness within our self and within Others. What remains is the Schizoid Being-lessness, Empty of Who-ness, Empty of Personalness, Empty of Humanness, and Empty of the Empathy of Compassion.


Personal Human Being- full Existence disappears and what remains is Emptiness, and Voidness and Being-lessness and an ongoing sense of Blankness. Where there is no Who-ness and no Where-ness and no more human Being-fullness there is a kind of Blankness and Pervasive Blankness. Terror brings forth a tragic detachment and a tragic schizoid and autistic like states of profound hiddenness and locked Insideless-ness.

Disappearance of Early Childhood States of Support

Even our historical sense of our early primary infancy and baby experience and early childhood object relational experience and internalizations and representations of early maternal experience seems to be irradicated and disappear because of Terror,

The living past disappears. Living memory disappears. Endless Blankness dominates. Psyche Disappears. Sometimes and in certain situations of extreme terror and horror only a kind of Primitive Reptilian Predator like Person is left and this alone is what remains.

The Power of Terror and The Political Use of Terror

This experience of Terror and The Trauma of Terror is Timeless and Being-less. This Horrific experience can take place within the Family of Torture, the Torture of relentless sadistic drama action between parents, between parents and children, between any age and any group.



Absolute Grandiosity and Absolute Omnipotence

The dramatic experience of imposing of Terror and imposing the Trauma of Terror on Others is the compelling power of Absolute Grandiosity, compelling Omnipotence and consequent compelling Monstrousness.

There are many Monstrous Forms of Terror in this world, there are many who are Political Monsters of Power and Sadistic Domination. There are many Religious Monsters who use the Names of God to terrify and dominate the people who have become sheeplike in the Name of God who they now perceive as the Monster of Eternal Judgement.  

Monster Gods

Religious Monsters love their God as a kind of Monster and kill and murder for their monster God. The religions of God as Monster   become the Godlike Absolute Master and other human beings become their slaves for ever and ever. The pain and agony of the slaves empower the Masters who are empowered by their endless capacity to inflict and invoke the Terror Of their Righteous God.

So Sad that this bleakly adventuresome   Sado-masochistic History inhabits so many forms of religion. There are many and endless forms of religious experience that throughout our human history become Monstruous Sadistic Dominating Patriarchal Forms of Religious Experience and Sadistic in their Domination of the People of Belief. This is so similar to the mythical story of The God Saturn Eating his children for fun and for the terror.





Master Slave Relationships and Our Experience of Divinity

Terror and the imposition and transmission of Terror is found in the many various forms within the history of religion.  The use of Religion imposing endless Terror, is an essential part of the process of becoming Monstruous. Even in Religions use of the names of God can be used to terrify the innocent and torture the Pure of Heart.  In this dreadfull drama, of Terror the power of Self-Liberation through the Name of God is actually  destroyed  by those who use the name of God to invoke Terror  within  the Innocence of Pure Heart. Children are often the target of Terror.

 Religion so easily becomes the endless drama of the Terrifying Master Slave relationship. Of course, God is the Master and the innocent followers often become A Slave to God and those wonderous human beings who becomes the Monstruous Representations of God. Actually, God becomes just a name, a Symbolic name that has no reality or actuality. God is an as if symbolic function of an ideational belief. That is how John Henry Newman describes the ideational belief in God. Belief in an ideation! Thus, God becomes an Idea. God becomes an idea and is not an actuality.


Absolute Knowledge as Demonic Drama

As Hegel points out in his Phenomenology of Spirit, that Power of the   Person who declares Absolute Knowledge, and given the Grandiose perception of the Person who declares Absolute Knowledge causes everyone to fall into the Master Slave relationship with that person. This infatuation with the omnipotent One would be Leader or Teacher or Parent who has Absolute Knowledge and is the Political Source of   Dictatorships. And of course, most All Dictators over time and through time becomes the Monsters who in their Demonic Grandiose love of Terror and their Demonic love of domination, love to torture everyone for ever and ever. The Monster lives within Terror and The Monster Lives because of Terror. The Terror of others empowers them in their Sadistic Consciousness.


Our Structural Super Ego Domination and Torture of The Person

Superego Domination And our Primitive Superego Structure as the internalized structure of our Cruel Concrete Judgmental Judgement of   either Right and Wrong, either Good and Evil, and either Truth and Falsity and even Better or Best.

Horrific Torture may take place endlessly within a family and there is a transmission of Horrific Torture from family members to family   members. We can all internalize the Trauma of Torture and internalized both the experience of being Tortured and also the experience of being the Monstruous Torturer. In the psychological drama of internalization, You do not have one without the other. You do not have the torturer within the one being tortured. And you do not have the one being tortured without the torturer. Our lived experience internalizes both dimensions of this horrific experience.

Transmission of Historical Internalizations of Terror Drama

We internalize the multidimensional   experience of Terror, and we internalized the dimensional destructiveness of Terror, and we can then transmit this Internalization of Being Terrified and Terrifying to others. This is the dynamic nature of Internalizations and our re-enactment of internalization of Terror. The experience of Terror can be contained and maintained within our internalizations of Terror and the experience of Terror.

Terror as a Training in Goodness and Godliness

For many within families the infliction of Terror is even considered next to Godliness. For many families God is the Torturer of the Evil and the Bad. And this Sadistic Judgmental drama is internalized and enacted with the children as they grow up under the Beatific Domination and Beatific Torture. There is this cruelty of the Judgmental Superego bringing forth this Internalized Parental Terror and the Generational Terror that continues both personally and generationally and even culturally in religious experience.


The Beatific Last Judgement as an Experience of Horror and Terror

Everyday life becomes the beatific horrific moment of the Last Judgement. The last judgment is the dramatic and traumatic moment of all the dead souls waiting to be judged forever and ever as to whether they go to Heaven or go to Hell. This is deeply and sadistically intense. To hell with you for ever and ever, or to heaven with you forever and ever. And this sentence is from God the Father as to whether or not you   recognized his son Jesus the Christ as God. This last judgement is a terrifying endless moment. Many of the dead are at this moment waiting for the last JUDGEMENT in Terror. This anthropomorphic story sounds a bit like the drama of Royalty and the recognition of the Royalty of the Son. Seems like God likes to use Terror Training.

The Beatific Horrific Mechanism of Transmission: Super Ego Structures and The Internalization of Traumatic Drama

We can often and easily internalize our Terror into our Super Ego Structure and Superego function and so this Dominating Destructive Judgmental-ness and this Critical Destructive Cruel Superego can become our Source of Reality. Judgement and our Cruel Judgements about the nature of reality can organize our experience of our realities of people who inhabit our Reality. Judgement reifies experience and objectifies experience completely. Of course, much judgement is simply prejudice as Longchenpa the great 14th century master of Dzogchen describes.

Generational Transmission of Terror

We can self-manifest our Innermost Terror into the world over and over and over again through the doorway and inner voice of our Superego of Sadistic and Masochistic Judgmental-ness. Our Superego is more often than not our internalization of the Parental and Family Superego which is transmitted from generation to generation and from person to person.

Both within our experience of Trauma and even beyond our experience of Trauma is the endless Timeless experience of Terror. Terror can be brought forth by a horrific event and yet the Terror that is brought forth by an event is not at all contained within the event, and the memory of the event. Terror goes beyond the Event of Trauma and the Traumatic memory.

Terror is always unfolding in its pervasiveness energy and is never contained within the time and place of the event alone. Terror, and the Energy of Terror Spreads. Terror is a field phenomenon of and within the human field of Being and Being-fullness.







Schizoid States of Terror

We can internalize experience of relational terror and we then are completely organized by this Schizoid State of Terror. We manifest this Terror endlessly in our life upon ourselves and others. Especially the innocent others such as children. The More Innocent the Victim the more Terrifying and Grandiose the experience of Demonic like Domination of the Terror Monster of Domination.

Our primitive Super Ego can be intimately related to relentless demonic terror domination.   This Demonic Terror Domination is the Concretized Experience of Right and Wrong, the Concretized experience of Good and Evil and the Concretized experience of Better or Best and even the Concretized experience of Truth and Falsity! Our Primitive Superego can   often reflect our concretized internalized notion and ideation  of GOD and Godlikeness as Primordial Judge of Goodness and Badness of rightness and wrongness.   

Super Ego and Internalizations can Become Our Sense of Self

For so many people their superego structure and their internalized   superego experience can become their sense of self. As so, our superego structure becomes our sense of self, the sense of our Being full self disappears and what remains is a kind of schizoid self , or empty self - contextualized by the endless Judgmental Superego Structure.




Internalization of Traumatic Field of Torture and Tortured

This power of our internalization of traumatic experience and transmission of Traumatic and Terrifying experience from one person to another person and from the transmission from one family generation to the next family generation and from one Cultural transmission of the experience of Terror, which is relentlessly internalized, and then Transferred Culturally to Another Culture. Terror is transferred from one family generation to another family generation and from one person superego organization to another person’s superego organization.


What is Most Important in our Understanding of the Manifestation of Terror!

What is the central within our focused experience of Terror is our internalization of Terror and our internalization of the Trauma of Terror and our intimate endless unending relationships to Terror. This is most important in understanding the dynamic of Terror. Terror lives within us as us, and Terror must be metabolized and digested and then we become more embodied in the luminous field of foundational Primordial Awareness. Our capacity to enter Primordial Awareness increases our capacity to metabolize Terror and the Trauma of Terror.



Understanding the Dualistic Identification within Non-Dualistic Experience! Identification with The Aggressor and Identification with the Victim! The Sado Masochistic Identification enacted endlessly.

Even in early psychoanalysis there was the discovery of the compelling early childhood Primitive Identification with the Aggressor. Freud articulated this dramatic and endless primitive and primordial identification with the Aggressor, the Demonic Aggressor within the Non- Dualistic Field of Experience of the Terrified Victim.  

In Sado Masochistic experience the person who was tortured would have two primal identifications both as the victim and the victimizer. Both identifications are reflected in the victim/ victimizer experience both the tortured and the torturer. One field of experience and two different dimensions, two different sides, two different parts.


The One Field and The Two Dramatic Dimensions of and within our Internalizations

There is the pre-conceptual and pre-reflective identification with the victim and simultaneously there is a powerful pre-conceptual pre-reflective identification with the Demonic Aggressor. This relational Epoch of this unfolding experience is known within Generational Family Therapy Systemic understanding and is known within the Internalized Drama of internal   psychoanalytic object relations understanding as expressed so clearly by Michael Eigen, and also in the relational forms of experiential psychotherapy such as gestalt therapy and existential phenomenological psychotherapy as expressed by Erving Polster. Erving Polster was a Master in healing of Trauma and the Master of healing Trauma of Terror.


The Intimate Field of Being

This intimate foundational non dualistic relationship between two different dialectical forms is central to Existential Field Theory and the Profound Understanding of the experiential field of dualistic and non- dual relationships manifesting simultaneously.  This understanding is not easy to accomplish or understand within our Exoteric understanding but can be more easily understood by those who have entered the esoteric dimension of the experience of the Immanence of Being and the immanence of phenomena of Being and the immanence of the victim and the victimizer relationship.

Hegel in his Phenomenology of Spirit elaborates the difference between exoteric and esoteric understanding of the phenomenological field of Being. Hegel’s work influenced the phenomenology of Maurice Merleau Ponty and French Phenomenology as well as French Symbolic Psychoanalysis of Jacques Lacan.

 Of course, in the great text Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel describes this Immanent dimension of human experience and the necessity to shift from the exoteric concretized cause and effect thinking to the esoteric experience and esoteric understanding of duality within non duality and non- duality within dualistic experience. The esoteric understanding is the experience simultaneous of the Oneness and difference with the human phenomenological field of Direct knowingness and Direct expressiveness.

Both Internalizations are Simultaneously Present in The One Field: The Victim internalization and The Demonic Aggressor Internalization are in the same field simultaneously and this context of the one field with the polarity of victim and victimizer is internalized and reenacted in life over and over again.

In this Context of Trauma, the person experientially simultaneously identifies both as the victim and as the demonic aggressor. This identification and the schizoid   relations merging out of and from the   fusion of the aggressor and victim experience   is simultaneously played out not only in horrific personal experience but in horrific cultural experience endlessly.  

Cultures and the collective of cultures identify with the merging and fusion and configuration of the victim/victimizer experience. The victim/ victimizer experience is fused and coalescent within the victim victimizer field of living drama. The circular configuration of Sado-Masochism is exactly the same, you touch one side and you will soon touch the other side.


 The internalization of the victim victimizer experience becomes a primitive and primordial state of mind, and a primitive and primordially fused state of mind, or a series of fused interdependent ego states , or fusion of different parts and different pairs of opposites reflecting the same horrific experience wherein the victim/victimizer experience is merged and fused and enacted and reenacted  over and over  and intrinsically re-enacted endlessly. The two sides of the dynamic experience merge into one fused and fusing state. To touch one side is to touch the other side.

 This fused state or fused ego state or fused part or fused primitive state of mind, or this fused internal object relational experience arises spontaneously, or when this fused state arises out of provocative experience, the State of Terror will arise both as the fused and fusing experience of Victim and Victimizer. The Victim/Victimizer experience is one state within two dimensions and even two different time zones. The past is present, and the present is the past.

To experience oneself as victim of terror is simultaneously to become activated as the embodied power of the Force of Terror that must   absolutely manifest itself. One becomes the Demonic Aggressor as one experiences the endless terror of Victimization. This is the relational dimension between the traumatic field of Terror within this field as there are two dimensions within the one field. Victim and victimizer, or demonic aggressor and victim of Torture is the pairs of opposites are intimately related. These pairs of opposites are both relational and archetypal. These pairs of opposites seem to be in eternal opposition   and yet they go together endlessly and completely.

 And most amazingly they shift back and forth. And the Human Being who participate in this pair of opposites shifts back and forth from victim to victimizer, from victim to demonic aggressor. This systemic experience of this shifting happens naturally and completely and   spontaneously.


The Primordial State of Timeless Terror

The person becomes possessed and organized by this primordial state of violent terrifying experience of both Terror and the Dynamic Imposition of Terror. This background of primordial non conceptualized state of Terror becomes the organizer of our personal experience and personal drama of the Timeless Infinity of Ontological Terror. The Grandiose Demonic- ness of Terror, and the foundation Ontological Ontic force of the self-manifestation of Compelling-ness of Endless Ruthless Terror.






The Drama of The Fused State

This drama of the fused state can be both personal and can be a collective experience. The same primitive primordial non conceptual experience of terror arises spontaneously within the collective experience that is non conceptual and pre reflective and totally organized by our fragmented mind personally and collectively.

The collective force of terror and the experience of Terror manifests collectively both in a person and within the collective of persons who are possessed by Terror of Trauma and have the capacity of Internalizing the Trauma of Terror and thus becoming Terror and the Terrifying Manifesting Force of Timeless and Endless Terror in time on others.  

The very power of Terror and Terror’s destructively of mind and the destructivity of our sense of person as embodied Being-full self brings us into a dreaded kind of autistic or schizoid state that has the embodied internalization of the omnipotence of Terror and the internalization of the Drivenness of Terror and the Grandiosity and Demonic of Terror and Becoming Terrifying to everyone.

Sadistic Consciousness

Becoming Demonic reflects the Pervasive Grandiosity that is so Terrifying as The ONE Who Knows Absolutely. Systematic Starvation and the Endless Pleasure of Torturing the Innocent is The Drama of The Sadistic Consciousness. The more vulnerable and innocent the victim then the More Sadistic the Consciousness becomes.

Sadistic Consciousness Is Reflected IN Our Personal, Generational and Cultural Traumatic History

A current and public ruthless expression of Sadistic Consciousness is the Horrific Systematic Systemic Starvation of helpless children and the systematic starvation of their vulnerable terrified parents as they and their terrified children are systematically starved to death. Now this endless suffering of Terror is Totally compelling and enjoyable to the Sadistic Collectives of would-be human beings and is completely a form of embodied Political Savage Madness. We all experience this drama of Sadistic Consciousness as we experience the systematic transmission of Terror in the Israeli Palestinian war. This war is a war of the Transmission of Sadistic Terror. This is not really a war between soldiers in combat but rather this war is a war of the Systemic Transmission of Sadistic Horror and Sadistic Terror on helpless hopeless impoverished civilian people. These Palestine people are not Hamas. This is a war of torturing the innocent through vicious animalistic Sadistic Terror.

Participation in this Sadistic torture of the innocent will bring soldiers into a primitive monster like madness.  The relentless merciless experience of torture   imposes endless and boundless Terror on the innocent and this Terror empowers the Demonic Monstruous Aggressors of Terror with the Omnipotent Grandiose Demonic Power of Torture.

This is on both sides of the conflict. Both sides are using Horror and Terror to destroy the innocent and innocence of their victims. This war is the war of the Transmission of Terror and the Trauma of Terror that will last endlessly and destroy the pure spirit of the people. This transmission of Terror war will internally torture the soldiers that are not psychopathic and not sadistic. This participation in this sadistic murder will influence their homelife and their relationship to their children. They will experience the self- hatred of depression and feeling the beauty and innocence of their own children will drive many to a madness of self-loathing and self- hatred and self-disdain.

The Current Starvation Drama is particularly a form of Sadistic Consciousness. The endless horror of the mothers and their children in   agony. The Demonic Like Energy within human beings who manifest such endless Terror and Agony are animalistic and self-destructive.

This Sadistic Consciousness is especially appealing to those who declare themselves dedicated to some form of a God. The history of religion is saturated with the expression of Sadistic Consciousness for the love of the Sadistic God.

This manifestation of Horror and Terror of Horror is compelling and beyond reflection and understanding, and beyond the felt sense of being a human being. Human Beingness and Human Being-fullness disappear and what remains is a Collective of Schizoid Solipsistic like murderers who love the torture and love the terror being imposed on the innocent children and innocent fathers and innocent mothers. This HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE of SADISM IS Sadistically Ecstatic for the Sadist and their Sadistic Collective. Both sides of this war of Terror are torturing the innocence of children and families. This is not really a war between honorable soldiers but actually monsters of murder and torture and total annihilation of poor helpless people.

The Terror of Starvation is especially compelling for the lovers of the Torture who love to torture children and their hopeless parents thus   becomes a dynamic embodiment of Terror. To invoke Terror and Impose Terror on innocence is to become a Grandiose Monster, the Sadistic Monsters. Of course, Sadistic Monster love their Sadistic God or Gods.

This Sadistic Terror of Consciousness create a foundational change in those who inflict this form of terror for ever and ever. There is an omnipotent monstrousness which arises within those who are possessed by Demonic Terror and who live within the realm of terror and will of Absolute Necessity inflict terror on everyone and anyone to feel the Demonic power of Terror that empowers them to enter into   realm of Demonic like Grandiosity.  This happens both to the leaders and the soldiers who perform the transmission of Terror and Horror. This drama of terror will be internalized and last for generations.

This Demonic Grandiosity of becoming the Monster of Terror will follow them in their life forever and ever. They will love to hurt their own children and their children’s children. The weaker the child or weaker the person will bring forth the Demonic Sadistic Aggressor who loves and loves Torture and who belongs to the realm of torture and the power of Torture on the innocent. Both the Jewish settlers and the Palestine families who are bombed and bombed and murdered are   innocence. This is not a war of soldier battling soldier but rather two armies killing civilian people who are innocent. This cowardness will affect the sense of honor and destiny of excellent people who are in the military. They will become self-tortured.

And at times When there is no other around, these torturers will of complete necessity torture themselves endlessly and endlessly. They will always and always be in the Timeless Realm of Torture and Timeless realm of Terror.

Dramatic forms of Suicide will reflect this possession. Torture possessess both the torturer and the tortured Forever. This will take place on both sides of this war of the transmission of Terror and Horror. The leadership on both sides of this war of transmission of Terror are similar in their psychopathic character.


Psychopathic Leadership in Torture and Psychopathic Leadership Transmission of Terror and the Trauma of Terror


Leadership in Torture requires the Necessary Psychopathic Character Style in the Transmission Of Terror and Horror to others personally, to other cultures, and to other Generations. To torture the personal generational field of families requires Psychopathic Leadership. Both sides of the conflict require psychopathic leadership.

Also, it useful and necessary to know that both Stalin and Puten suffered horrific and terrifying experience as children as their relatives were murdered in collective and systematic terror. Many monsters and psychopathic leaders have horrible childhood experiences of Horror and Horrific Torture Trauma. They are embodied in terror. Thus, they are endlessly in the Realm of Torture and the Realm of Terror forever and ever. And they love the opportunity to transmit this terror of trauma.



In the current Palestinian and Israeli conflict of horror, the Historical Traumatic background for both Countries is Endless Genocidal Terror and Genocidal Horror. Within both countries there is the profound cultural generational internalization of Being both the Victim of Terror and the becoming the Horrific Demonic Aggressor and Torturer of Terror. 

In this horrible experience of Endless personal, generational and cultural Terror the Generational Cultural Internalizations of both Cultures and Countries meet in and within the endless Present Day Historical Drama of Torture and being Tortured endlessly and again and again and yet again.

Historical Fate again becomes Destiny. The History of Traumatic Terror becomes the Destiny of Traumatic Terror. This particular drama of Horrific agony is personal, generational and cultural.

This is not a War of Armies against Armies or Combatants against Combatants. This is a war of Transmission of Terror to ordinary goodness and humans.

The war between Israel and Palestine is a war not of military defeat of an army. This war is not actual a war of armies against armies, soldiers against soldiers in combat. This is not a war of honor. This is a war of the Transmission of Terror. This is a war of the military armies whether in uniform or street dress.  Each army is a transmission of Terror unbound terror to the ordinary people who are completely decent.  Each army tortures and terrifies the innocent people. Each army terrifies and murders children and their parents. This is a war of each army murdering the ordinary people of their country. This is the stupid drama of Sadistic Consciousness.

The actual combat between armies is relatively nothing. Bombing cities into nothingness. Killing people and children in their basements hiding in terror. This is not war of men against men, this is a war of cowards in their transmission of endless terror. It is a war of collective sadism lead by Psychopathic leaders on both sides of this land of agony and stupidity.


Leadership and Psychopathic Character Style:

A most important and Dominant factor in the Collective Transmission of Terror is the Absolute Necessity of having the Absolute Leadership of the Psychopathic Personality. The Psychopathic Personality is completely dominated by the embodiment of Power of Terror and the embodiment of Ruthlessness and the embodiment of Endless Sadistic Cruelty of Terror.

In a profound way the Psychopathic Personality is a Torture Monster and Torture Master. This Psychopathic Leadership will be on both sides of the endless argument, both sides of the personal, generational and cultural conflict. They are the true monsters of this stupid drama.

The Psychopathic Personality lives within the context of Terror and lives within Terror and Terror lives within the Psychopathic Personality. The Psychopathic Personality is Terror Personified and Terror Embodied.  

The Psychopathic Personality is the Personality of Monstruous Demonic Grandiosity and the Personality of the Omnipotent Character of Endless Cruelty. The Psychopathic Personality lives and assimilates and metabolizes the dreadful power and terror of torture. The Psychopathic Personality metabolizes and lives off the Agony of the Tortured. The Psychopathic Personality thrives off the agony of the child, and the horrific agony of the mother and the father. The Psychopathic Personality is a vampire of Agony and Suffering. Those in this war of transmission of Terror who are not psychopathic can become psychopathic as a way of not falling into the deep endless depression and self -hatred.

The Power of Sadistic Grandiosity Dominates and Surrounds and Infuses the Psychopathic Character. Psychopathic-ness can organize the Sadistic Instinctiveness within the crowd and organizes the collective   internalization of terrifying experience that mobilizes the terror dimension within the persons who have suffer Internalizations of Terror. The Psychopathic event of Torture becomes reactivated and reenacted on and within everyone.

The Psychopathic Character is the personification of the transmission of Terror and the personification of the power of Ontological Terror. Torture not only reflects the Psychological Superego of Sadistic Cruelty but also the very essence of our Being- full Existential Base of Sadistic Existence, Sadistic Being-lessness.

Psychopathic Cruelty is focused on everyone and anyone. So Psychopathic leadership and the Activation of Collective Cruelty needs and Requires the Psychopathic Individual to step forward and utilize the   Collective Vulnerable Situation to Activate the Collective Cruelty; and to invoke the Demonic Grandiose Demonic Aggressor which is Implicitly   within the Collective given their collective history of Sadistic Victimization and Genocide. The activation of the history of internalization of victim and victimizer brings forth the power of sadistic cruelty.

 Without the Demonic Psychopathic Leadership nothing systematic will   happen. The psychopathic personality leader and their leadership   activates the collective drama of sadistic genocide. The field of torture needs the activation of terror by the Sadistic Psychopathic Leadership. Sadistic Leadership is essential for the Perversion of Collective Torture and murder. The pilots who fly endless bombing missions destroying everything and everyone will suffer in time the psychological pain of   murdering the innocent. This pain often ends in self- hatred and humiliation within their own family system. When they return home, they will no longer be the same kind person of goodness. Their families will know this change and will hate this change in their father.

Within the context of Dramatic Demonic Psychopathic Leadership absolutely anything can take now take place. This drama of Demonic Psychopathic Leadership happens over and over again, in this world. The Thrill of killing sadistically the most vulnerable and torturing the most innocent and the activation of the endless ongoing experience of the Sadistic Cruelty of the Demonic force within the person. To have the Sadistic power of the Collective is the Endless Dream of the   foundational sadistic fantasy that loves the torture of the innocent and innocence.

In this perverse context, Torture and Sexuality becomes Sadistically established and erotically and sadistically fused.  Perhaps in all the various and endless forms of the Fundamentalistic Forms of would be the religious belief that the Sadistic God is actually the Same Sadistic God in all the various forms of Sadistic Patriarchal Religion. This happens even as the various religions torture each other. Torturing for ones God is considered the best, the Best path for salvation and self- liberation.

 And of course, there is the further Demonic secret experience of the Internal Concrete Absolute Judgmental Operation that the Superego of the One Who Knows Absolutely to use the language of Hegel and his Phenomenology of Spirit. Our Sadistically infused superego internalizes the demonic power of punishment to be used on others of vulnerability relentlessly and viciously because of our sadistic love of our Sadistic experience and our sadistic domination of the innocent.


The Vulnerable Jewish Families and The Vulnerable Palestinian Families:

 The Endless Psychopathic Drama of Inflicting endless Terror on the Vulnerable whether they be the Vulnerable Jewish settlers, the young people at a concert or the Vulnerable Palestinian mothers and their   babies and their children and their husbands.  Mothers, Fathers and children being bombed and bombed mercilessly and relentlessly until they are no more. They now have nothing absolutely nothing.

 What then remains for those vulnerable families is now Starvation and being starved to death slowly and horrifically.  Yes, Terror Spreads endlessly and endlessly sadistically.  Jose Andres of the World Kitchen recently said of the terror in Gaza “This is no longer about the massacre, the crime against the Israel people; it is no longer about the crime against seven aid workers bringing about their death; it has now become the crime against Humanity itself.”

And of course, Psychopathic Leadership is Necessary absolutely necessary on both sides of this war of transmission of Terror. The psychopathic leadership on both sides are far, far away from actual murderous conflict of torture.


There is the Requirement for Psychopathic leadership on both sides of this Political Cultural Animalistic Horror show. Psychopathic Leadership will always be on both sides of the Political Terror being endlessly inflicted up the innocence. This is not the heroic drama of True Warriorship and true Courage of engaging the enemy but rather the drama of Insipid Sadism on both sides of this endless conflict.


The inner and personal expression of the Sadistic Concretized Demonic Grandiose Superego loves, absolutely loves to bring profound terror to the innocent and the weak and the vulnerable. Yes, the organismic fundamentalist superego on both sides of this religious cultural brutality of the innocent is endlessly Beatifically happy in their Cruelty and in the   endless domination of their Cruelty on innocent and helpless people.  What also happens within the psychopathic leadership on both sides   there will be a growing hatred manifesting against the psychopathic leadership.

This always happens in time because there is never true victory or true defeat of an enemy. There is the felt sense that this never was a true war but only the exercise in the transmission of Terror. Most true soldier who are not psychopathic will hate this perversity and being a part of this perversity. Their hatred will turn against the current leaders on both sides of the argument.


Religion and Terror: Are Always in Relationship

The demonic sadistic superego is foundational in many, if not most religions. The foundational superego becomes the internal judgmental- ness about ourselves, others and Reality itself. This foundational superego judgement becomes the view of reality, and the judgement of what is real and what is true and what is good and what is evil and what is right and what is wrong, and what is better and what is best. Racism is such a function of Cultural Superego and Cultural Judgement. The Superego always, always has a godlike function and god- like judgement of what is right and what is wrong and what is good and what is bad and what true and what is false. This Godlike judgement rewards and punishes. This godlike structure of judgment within us actually feels infinite in its horizons, vast and is multidimensional.

This superego dominates our person, the superego dominates our families and dominates our culture. What is rewarded and what is punished is a function of our beloved and feared superego. Our superego can terrify us and can terrify our children with endless terror of endless punishment and endless torture. This torture is for goodness, and torture for holiness and torture for doing what is right.

The superego is always, always Righteous and the Superego is always Sadistic and is a Monster of Righteousness. Yes, Religious Sadism is a form of Beatific Cruelty. Yes, Religious Sadism will reflect the nature of their God of their Religion. Also, the Sadism of the God of the religion will be internalized by the ministers of the religion. This is another endless story of Sado masochism. Church history is endless a Sado- Masochistic story.


Will endless Sadism ever end. There does not seem to ever end. This drama of terror will continue and continue within our human experience forever and ever and ever. Fundamentalistic concrete thought and Fundamentalistic Concrete impulse to torture everyone including even the dead who are now at this very moment waiting around for the Last Judgment, and within that last judgment will find out if they are going to heaven forever or hell forever. The criteria are did they recognize that Jesus the Christ was the son of God?  Another fun event of Holy Sadism.


 It is also true that Sadistic Psychopathic Leadership will always Bring forth the Compulsive Collective Torture Rituals of Terror for ever and ever.

Fundamentalistic thought or thinking in concrete operational thinking is   reflective of the concrete fundamentalistic personal and collective superego in its sadistic ecstasy of what is right and what is wrong, and what is good and what is evil and what is better and what is best and what is truth and what is false.  The Superego most often requires endless punishment of a form of sadistic cruelty. This cruelty can be played out with children and their pets.   The Demonic God is not necessarily a super duper supernatural being but rather the psychopathic human experience itself and the drama of endless psychopathic Leadership in religious and political cultural situations is the Demonic God. 


Now   remaining within our embodied primordial field of awareness which is deeply cosmological, and the power of our primordial awareness will metabolize whatever has to be metabolized. Maybe the cosmological experience, the vast infinite experience of the Cosmological Eventful Being-full Universe is the true power of   metabolization and dissolves the historical forms that are so Violent and Terrifying and profoundly stupid.

To be in this view, this vast view of the infinity of Being and Being-fullness requires that we go beyond our mind and enter into our primordial awareness or primordial consciousness. And so, in entering into Timeless Awareness in Time wherein the power of metabolization is intensely liberating from the demonic states of grandiosity and there arises the self-liberation of Equality Consciousness or Equal Vision.

 There is neither above nor below. There is no Patriarchal Judgmental-ness   in this experience. In this view, Being and the Being of beings are Being, and all beings are equal.   Being, Pure Being and this Pure Being   Self- manifests all the forms of Being as Pure Human Being.


Now just for one moment consider that Being and Being-fullness is Beatific.  Being is self- manifesting everything and anything. And Being is Pure Being. Pure Being is Consciousness. And this Personal Conscious is your own innermost consciousness just as you are. Your awareness is cosmological, and you are not simply your mind, All Beings are Being, and all Beings are Equal, just as they are. And No One No One has Absolute knowledge. And, No God like Entity has Absolute Knowledge. No Church has absolute knowledge, and No Dog has absolute and would be dictator politician has absolute knowledge.  It is true I thought my dog had absolute knowledge at one time. I also thought the God’s had absolute knowledge. I thought the churches had absolute knowledge. I also thought God was a Guy or some kind of big entity.  


Rudolph Bauer, Ph. D Diplomate in Clinical Psychology. A.B.P.P.

The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies and The International Center for Phenomenological and Existential Consultation.

Seminars in Existential Phenomenology, Seminars in Dzogchen and Kashmir Shaivism, Seminars in Existential Phenomenological Psychotherapy, Seminars in Dzogchen and Shaivite Meditation. Seminars in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Seminars in Transitional Space and Coaching, Seminars in Existential Psychoanalysis, Seminars in Awareness Meditation and Seminars in Ontological Meditation. Seminars In Existential Hypnosis for Pain, Seminars in Archetypal Psychology



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