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Self-Illumination as a Co-Emergent Process

Being within awareness as awareness and being with another who is within awareness is a most powerful skillful means to bring forth awareness within one’s self and within each other. Two awarenesses are better than one, just as self regulation can be enhanced by co self regulation on the bodily dimension.  Self-illumination is a co-emergent process between and within companions, compassionate companions.

The lucidity within one’s own awareness, as one’s own awareness can experience the lucidity within the other’s awareness as lucidity.  It is true, awareness awakens awareness both in one’s self and in the other. This is the secret of the tantra.  The luminous energy within one’s own body can resonate to the luminous energy in the other’s body, deepening the mutual embodiment of light.  Light is awareness and awareness is light. The attunement to awareness within one’s own body can bring forth the attunement of awareness within the body of the other.

The self arising of the awareness field in one’s self resonates to the self arising of awareness within the other’s body. The self arising of the energy or the chi or the shakti can bring forth the self arising within each other and can bring forth the sustaining of the energy field within each other.  In essence, humanness is the manifestation of light, and the manifestation of primordial luminous energy, and the openness of the great space of compassion.

It is true as the Dzogchen Master Yangtang Rinpoche suggests that the great compassion is the capacity to extend the light into a person’s presence in the present moment, into a person’s presence as past, and into the person’s presence as future. This extension not only brings forth the light of presence in the person but brings forth the presence of light in one’s own self. This is the drama of mystic humanism, the drama of timeless awareness manifesting in time. This is a co -emergent or co-relational process of the human embodiment of primordial awareness. This is complete embodiment, possible for everyone.

Dasein, as Heideggarian phenomenology implies, is not the experience of mind alone but rather the foundational experience of being, which is openness to openness itself. Dasein is the openness of a human being to Being itself. Dasein is the openness of awareness to primordial awareness itself. Dasein is the light open to the light.

This drama is the power of contemplation and the power of contemplation within one or more people. This is how the Christian Gnostics understood the statement of Jesus, “Where two are more gather together in my name, there I am.”

When we attune to the guru within our own embodiment we bring forth the attunement to the guru in the other. The guru is the ontological process of self illumination.  ‘Gu’ is darkness and ‘Ru’ is light. The drama of Eros and Thanatos is both psychological and ontological.

This light infuses the mind and infuses the body. The channels within the body, the chakras within the body can resonate to the channel within the other’s embodiment.  This intensification of the luminous energy is the process of embodiment of the light or embodying Ja Lu, the body of light)   This unfolding is intense. This intensity is the unfolding and expansion of the energy as light.  Chi, shakti, tigle is energy as light. The light becomes energy and the energy becomes everything and anything. The embodiment of awareness is the embodiment of light. Awareness is light. The embodiment of the light is Self Illumination.

Gazing within opens the gaze into the innermost phenomena of awareness as lucidity. All phenomena is lucidity unto itself. As we gaze into all external phenomena the light is gazing into the light. The Dzogchen methods of Trecko and Togal can be simultaneously experienced. The purity of phenomena and the purity of light is a simultaneous experience.  The gaze in togal is the experience of luminous openness of everything and anything as light, luminous spaciousness. The luminous gaze of awareness allows us to experience duality within non-duality and non-duality within duality. All phenomena is the expanse of the Dharmakaya.  Living in the light of awareness is living within potentiality of our real condition within our real circumstances. In mind alone none of this can be accomplished, none of this can be experienced. The true hermeneutic is the mind awareness continuum being in oneness. The true hermeneutic is experiencing the mind awareness continuum in this world.  It is quite a view.  What might be and what could be and what might have been is sad. Or as the Shaivite Master Swami Muktananda would always say “Keep moving and keep unfolding whatever and wherever.”

Of course, as the masters of Kundalini understood, without sublimation of instinctual energies as source energy, embodiment of the light is limited.

Washington Center for Consciousness Studies and the Washington Center for Phenomenological and Existential Psychotherapy Studies

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