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Sange Rgyas 21 v1

Rudolph Bauer,Ph.D. Author, Jeff Colombe, Ph.D. Editor

1.  Shakyamuni Buddha is also known as Buddha Sangye Rgyas.  The Sanskrit word buddha is derived from the root budh, to awaken, and also means awakened one.  The Tibetan equivalent sang, on the other hand, broadens the meaning of the word.  Sang not only means awakened but also cleansed, while rgyas means extended, or the awakened one's extension.

2.  Purification and impurity

Impurity is that which interrupts your ongoing continuity of beingness, interrupts your ongoing continuity of awareness, interrupts your ongoing continuity of the experience of the field, interrupts your process of embodiment of luminosity, interrupts the in-forming of the vajra vase body, interrupts embodiment, interrupts oneness.

Purification is the very holding and maintaining of your awareness, and within your awareness field that which interrupts awareness, and interrupts the metabolism of experience, interrupts the manifestation of the kayas.  Purity and evenness, purity and evenness are the essence of the secret tantra.

3.  The word consciousness has different meanings…sometimes meaning mind and sometimes meaning primordial awareness.  In your mind is the experience of being consciousness…..consciousness is your mind…the functions of your mind are functions of consciousness.  Awareness is beyond your mind, and manifests your mind…awareness is dasein {German, there being}, the open expanse, the opening of primordial awareness in humanness, the vast opening within your mind and body is primordial awareness itself…your awareness of awareness is rigpa.  Knowingness, this gnosis, this spacious knowingness in its radiance and luminousness is prereflective and preconceptual…as the presence of light, this open presence experiences the luminous presence of object prior to meaning, prior to reflective knowingness…the presence of the object is prior to the meaning of the object.

4.  Mantra is ultimately presence…self-arising presence….a presence that is manifested as vertical arising and within the body and beyond the body at the timeless moment...both vertical as well as horizontal…mantra is an emanation.  Mantra arises from embodied dharmakaya through sambhogakaya, into nirmanakaya. Mantra infuses the mind and body, embodying divine presence…luminous spaciousness, light and sound. In sambhogakaya dimensions, the deities are presences…apparitional presences…in the world of appearance the deities are within us as us.  Mantra and deities are oneness.

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