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Karma as Awareness

1.  Awareness reveals the beingness of being; it reveals the beingness of being of our own being. Through awareness we enter the experience of the beingness of being…awareness and the beingness of being are ultimately oneness.

2.  In awareness we can experience the difference between the oneness of a being and the beingness of being itself.

3.  A being is something and not nothing. The beingness of Being is not something and not nothing.

4.  Manifest beings and infinite beings, manifest the world in which the being manifests, it manifests the life of the being and in its withdrawal, the death of the being.

5.  The beingness of being, which is primordial awareness itself, manifests the three dimensions: pure being or pure awareness, the awareness of energy light as beingness of being, and the being of flesh -- the dimension of this karmic unfolding.

6.  Human beings are a thing and not a thing.

7.  Realization or liberation  is a profound gift and cannot be won by virtue or lost by evil.

8.  Beingness of being is beyond the polarities and one confronts the flaw of benefit and harm...virtue and evilness. Liberation by view one sees through phenomena into the beingness of being. That is liberation. Then everything is liberated through experiencing everything within the field of beingness.

9.  There is also liberation through conduct. These must be held in balance…liberation through conduct is the knowing experience that your karma is your dharma. Dharma is how you meet the unfolding of the moment, how you see and act…the action of the situation...the more you are in awareness then the conduct will meet the situation…the more you are in the mind…you may miss the moment…and be without full resource.

10.  To be in the bodhicitta is to be in full awareness…that is why compassion, spacious compassion which is not an affect among other affects is great.

11.  Karma is the unfolding of life with the concealment and unconcealment of the beingness of being manifesting everything and every experience. And so your life just as it is, is the map of karma. Your life energies are a manifestation of primordial awareness itself…dharmakaya manifests the elements and the light which in turn manifests the worlds…the world in its manifestation echoes the concealment of the beingness of being, of light.

12.  And so to be in awareness field is to be in primordial awareness and to experience both the manifestation of the beingness of being in all experience and all beings and actions of beings, and to meet your life in gnosis with direct perception within the awareness field is to be dharmic and so dharma meets karma, and karma is liberated through dharma which is the awareness field.

13.  Secret conduct is integrating everything into the light of awareness

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