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1. In vajrayana there are various dakini or goddess practices. These dakini practices are stories or mythic poetic invocations that bring a person into the experience of the dakini, the goddess, and into the archetypical dimension of the primordial field of our own innermost awareness. These poetic invocations bring a person into the experience of the essential nature of their own awareness, which is light.

2.  The dakinis are multidimensional metaphors.  They are the four elements, the elements are light.  They are goddesses, the archetypical powers, shakties, the energies of light.   They are primordial syllables, the splendor of vibration arising from within the dharmakaya. They are the dharmakaya, pure awareness, pure potentiality, pure light.  They are direct perception, non conceptual knowingness, gnosis, wisdom gnosis. They are the symbogakaya dimension that manifests the primordial energies, vortexual configurations of luminous radiance, they are the light that both illuminates experience and is the source of experience; they are apparitional powers of the light, visionary qualities of primordial awareness. They are also nirmanakaya, this dimension, that of flesh, the luminous body of light, desire, earth, sentient beings.  They are embodied in persons, and they are embodied within the human body and human psyche of everyone. As the elements, they are the light of phenomena and are all phenomena.

3. The dakini practice texts are not literal but are evocative in their symbolic power. They inform us with what they signify, what they symbolize. These texts are methods for bringing forth the light and brightness of our awareness, incarnating that which we are. The light of awareness is ultimately cosmological and not simply psychological…anima mystic. The anima, psyche is essential luminous in nature and is essentially oneness. As Jung once said you do not simply have a psyche but you live within psyche, the world, the universe is psyche…anima mundi.

4. For our purposes paradoxically the true unconscious is primordial awareness itself. As primordial consciousness is for so many people experientially unconscious, unfelt, unknown, unseen and unthought. Although everything is method, the symbolic is the medium of reality that brings forth the luminous radiance of awareness. The texts are methods for transmission of the field. The symbolic arises out of transitional or liminal awareness. That means that the archetypical dimension is not experienced if we are located in mind alone, or if we are located only in the body, the wordless body, the body without language or understanding. When there is transitional awareness, intermediate awareness or awareness of awareness itself, then the field dimensions of awareness opens up to us to its innermost essence.

5. For that reason to experience the text one must be in meditative awareness, having suspended the mind just a bit one becomes aware of awareness itself…and in doing so awareness begins to reveal and manifest itself to us in its various dimensions.

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