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Embracing the Divine in Humanness 2 V1

Embracing the Divine in Humanness 2 V1

By Rudolph Bauer, Phd Mon, Dec 27, 2010

Rudolph Bauer,Ph.D. Author, Chris Munson Editor

1. Having become aware of your own awareness, having learned to suspend your mind and enter the awareness field, having learned to integrate your mind and your body into the awareness state, is really wonderful. Moreover, because of your cumulative practice and because of the givenness of primordial consciousness, you are experiencing the varja vase body, the body of light. The kundalini, the process of embodying of the light has unfolded, and sublimation is within you. You have experienced the phases of the unfolding of the three elements, the light, sexuality and object determination, beyond the doorway of the navel, sexuality without an object. The light, at the doorway of the heart’s luminousity of compassion opens, and the light begins to manifest not only within you and within your body but around you…. in the appearance of realities. Your eyes become a vehicle for penetrating into the light and transmission of the light. And you experience the column of luminousity connecting the earth, the heart and the heavens.

2. You have also learned the great skill of extension, the extension of your own awareness, the extension of the light, the extension of your own rigpa… your awareness of awareness. In doing so the inner ying meets the outer ying and oneness is within your experience. You have learned extension from the surface, from within the middle, and from the whole body. You have learned extension from within the heart essence and you can experience the oneness within your body, within the immediacy of the situation, within the generational field, within the realm of the nirmanakaya guru, within traditions and within the sambhogakaya archetypical realm of the field.

3. The extension of your awareness both brings forth and is an expression of the body of light, luminous flesh. The transmission of awareness and the mutual transmission of awareness (between yourself and others), beyond words and letters, amplifies the light both in your self and in your situations. Also, you are beginning to learn that transmission can take place through speech - the luminous energy of words and symbols.

4. As Dudjom Rinpoche says, extension is the great secret. And as you know, extension also manifests as the pass through… the body of light passing through the body of light. This pass through brings forth the oneness of light and highly amplifies the mutually held columns of light. The oneness of light and the oneness of the inner column of light bring both stability and intensity to the mind body continuum…. the mind and body embodies luminosity.

5. This gift of passing through is both method and result, both skillfull means and gnosis. This great gift is especially useful and most wonderful when through the best of fortune you meet a person who completely embodies the light - such a person definitively knows that their own rigpa is the guru… their own rigpa is the deity of illumination. This definitive experience of the realization of the guru as one’s own awareness is the guru function personified, the illuminative radiant consciousness personified in humanness.

6. Upon meeting such a person you are not meeting a mere teacher… or better yet a mere, mere teacher but a person who lives in the great perfection as the great perfection... in this awesome situation your good karma is showing up and to meet such a person is a definitive moment for your own realization that your rigpa is the guru… primordial awareness itself, your own rigpa is the deity, is the dakini.

7. This opening is especially wonderful if in these meeting you have remembrance in the moment to extend to this person and through this person… to extend and actually pass through a person who is without obscurations will foundationally reorganize your field. Through the gift of oneness within the nirmanakaya, sambhogakaya and dharmakaya you may become completely close to your experience. This is the most wonderful of methods; truly this is the divine embrace, the light embracing the light and light being embraced by the light. To the degree that you have some sense that your rigpa is the guru then the inner guru of rigpa meets the guru as ripga. Awareness becomes awareness through the oneness of transmission… the oneness of passing through.

8. So, in meeting the guru, the guru function within your being is brought forth and the secret realization of the guru as your own rigpa is at hand.

9. Passing through is both skillful means and gnosis and can easily be cultivated. It is the essence both of healing and love. Passing through is the great compassion as passing through brings forth healing and dissolves isolation of self. Passing through intensifies the light and allows the mind to reopen to the innate luminosity. Passing through facilitates the moment of death since the openness of passing through is the openness of death.

10. Passing through is the openness of our own awareness to the openness of primordial ground awareness, both within us and through other human beings. The power of passing through cannot be over-estimated.

11. Passing through humanizes situations … and humanizes a person. Passing through unlocks the darkness of psychic collapse.

12. And passing through is the secret to tantric sexuality. There is no tantric sexuality without the capacity for mutually held passing through. Passing through cannot be attained without some expertise in sublimation. Without sublimation the passing through process cannot take place because of the density of the body and fixation of desire. Tantric sexuality cannot be attained without sublimation.

13. The reason again why I am speaking about sexuality in the tantric context is that I am now hearing lamas speak about these necessary skills, human skills in the human situation. Tantric sexuality is not the mere activation of the kundalini… rather as sublimation is accomplished through the arising of the luminosity through the heart essence, the body of light is formed and the skill of passing through is developed…. Then a person and persons have the possibility and potential to bring forth the sexual energy in the context of the body of light and the passing through of oneness. In this oneness the sexual energy can be activated and the luminous light is intensified in a somatic fluid manner…. The body of light is somatized and the entire column of luminous light is intensified. During this process certain doors are sealed (regressive rebirth) and bliss emptiness is stabilized and brought into a more continuous continuity. The somatized body of light brings forth and stabilizes the light in the flesh. Bliss and emptiness are embodied in body and mind. Luminosity is embodied.

14. Given the right circumstance, the right time, the right situation and the right person, this practice is wonderful. It is not gender-specific, such as male and female. It is truly the divine embrace in the flesh, and establishes a person in the luminous human realm.

15. The great protection of the passing through process is true love, pure love. This does not mean that a person without love cannot discipline themselves to pass through in order to dominate, and possess the other. So, within this matter of passing through and the mysterious conjunctio of passing through and being passed through, it is not really good or useful to be naïve. Wisdom gnosis is the opposite of naivety. Wisdom gnosis allows one to see the light in the situation as well as the character of the participants… that is why there are both beneficent and fierce energies within one’s psyche.

And of course there is always and always the laughter of the dakinis.

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