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The purpose of the journal is to enhance the study and the practice of the sublime art of becoming aware of awareness itself. Utilizing the methods of meditative awareness and experiential phenomenology, the object of personal awareness becomes awareness itself. This sublime process is both the basis of healing and psychotherapy as well as the profound meditative experience of oneness between self and otherness. Human beings easily and relentlessly transmit their experience of their minds to each other but what is the wonder of all wonders is they can transmit their experience of their sublime awareness field to each other and within each other with great and co-emergent consequences. As Dudjom Rinpoche, the great Dzogchen  teacher, writes, "although hundreds or thousands of explanations are given, there is only one thing to be understood. Know the one thing that liberates everything-awareness itself, your own true nature.”

You can easily access FREE video of our seminars through the Program Archives of the Washington Center for Consiousness Studies at Live online participation is available for the online live psychotherapy seminars, the Friday online live meditation seminar, as well as the daily live meditation practice seminar.

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Origin of the Journal

The Journal is a collection of essays which are edited outlines of talks given by Rudy Bauer and Sharon Bauer at The Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. Some essays are outlines of talks given during the meditation seminars and retreats. Most essays are outlines of talks given at the Advanced Psychotherapy Seminar, currently named Contributions of Phenomenology and Dzogchen to Psychotherapy and Healing. Colleagues have graciously helped in editing of the seminar notes.

Most Recent Essays:
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